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Ok I know it's been ages since I last updated this, but I'm still trying to upload more pictures. Bear with me :)

Whole lotta quizzes!

You Are 69% Open

You're a pretty open person - and you don't mind sharing the good, bad, and sometimes ugly.
And while sometimes you do catch yourself blabbing on, you usually exhibit restraint.
You're openness is quite refreshing, and it encourages other people to be open with you!

You Are 81% Peaceful

You are the epitome of inner peace and total calm.
You are grounded, emotionally mature, and very wise.
While no one's life is perfect, you have a great amount of perspective on the world - and you place in it.

You Are 76% Open Minded

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!
Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.
You don't have a judgemental bone in your body, and you're very accepting.
You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.

You Are Somewhat Mature

You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart.
While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

Your Stress Level is: 25%

You are slightly prone to stress, but generally you keep it under control.
You know how to relax and take things as they come, even when your worlds seems to be falling apart.
Occasionally, you do let yourself get stressed out, but you snap out of it pretty quickly.

You Are 20% Nerdy

You are definitely not nerdy - in fact, you probably don't know any nerds.
You probably care a little too much about your image. No one will know if you secretly watch Star Trek reruns!

Your Dating Purity Score: 92%

You are an innocent dater.
You're either lacking in dating experience or have had a long serious relationship.
Either way, there's still plenty of fish in the sea out there for you to sample!

You Are The High Priestess

You represent mystery - secrets that are yet to be revealed.
You find yourself sitting between two worlds: one dark, one light.
You tend to hold these two worlds in balance, reconciling the two.
Open and welcoming, you invite others to learn your secrets.

Your fortune:

Something hidden, or latent, in your life is about to come forward.
You need to pay more attention to your dreams, thoughts, intuition, and imagination.
And if that involves tapping into your dark side, it will all balance out in the end.
You have a lot of potential dying to be unleashed, so let those gates open!

Your EQ is 127

50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!
51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.
71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.
91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.
111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.
150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating

You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.
But you may be ready in a couple of years.
You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.
And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.

You Are a Natural Flirt

Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt.
And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting.
Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt.
And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!

You Are A Jealous Ex

You're not quite over your past, and you are hurt that your ex is moving on
You're no longer in love, but you're not done with being pissed
Jealous of any happiness that comes your ex's way, you still can't let go

Your Seduction Style: Au Natural

You rank up there with your seduction skills, though you might not know it.
That's because you're a natural at seduction. You don't realize your power!
The root of your natural seduction power: your innocence and optimism.

You're the type of person who happily plays around and creates a unique little world.
Little do you know that your personal paradise is so appealing that it sucks people in.
You find joy in everything - so is it any surprise that people find joy in you?

You bring back the inner child in everyone you meet with your sincere and spontaneous ways.
Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.
As a result, those who you befriend and date tend to be incredibly loyal to you.

I spent 2 hours in the morning till 3am to do those quizzes. Seriously, i think BlogThings has lots of good stuff in it. Try it for yourself. :)

2 days, £70, and a pair of tired legs.

Starting money : £70.00
Day 1 – Dec 8th
Part 1
The night before : DotA. Well, Ray and his block called us (Wei Phin, Paul, me, Ting Yi and Jun) to Dota till 6 in the morning. Boy was it funny, after 3 incomplete games, and 2 losses, the time passed 4am and it was the last game. At this point everyone was like .. zzz.. anyway, if anyone wants the replay it's good, as far as i can remember.. and we won!!. Hahaha.. anyway, in the morning.. things happened like this.
-Rushed to pack my bag
-Got sent off
-Slept 2 hrs in bus
-Bus stopped, got a cuppa hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin
-Slept again
-Got out at Heathrow Intl.
-Made my way to my aunts house.
-Reached at 11.20 and rest 2 hrs.

Money remaining: £57.41

Part 2

I think.. I left Richmond at 1.50pm
~1.54pm, passed Kew Gardens
~1.59pm, passed Gunnersbury
~2.03pm, passed Turnham Green
~2.05pm, passed Stamford Brook
~2.10pm, passed Ravenscourt Park
~2.13pm, changed at Hammersmith
~2.21pm, took the Piccadilly Line Eastbound train
~2.23pm, passed Barons Court
~2.29pm, passed Earls Court
~2.36pm, passed Gloucester Road
~2.43pm, Knightsbridge
~2.46pm, Hyde Park Corner
~2.48pm, Green Park
~2.52pm, Piccadilly Circus
~2.58pm, Leicester Square
~3.00pm, Covent Garden
~3.03pm, Holborn
~3.07pm, Russell Square
~3.09pm, King's Cross St.Pancras
~3.14pm, Caledonian Road
~3.17pm, Holloway Road
~3.21pm, Arsenal
~3.23pm, Manor House
Well since Arsenal station was closed, I figured I'd hop off at the next station.. anyway, since I think some Liverpool fans or MU fans will kill me for saying too much, let's just leave it that I bought some merchandise etc etc.

Then it's the trip back south again.

~3.50pm, Covent Garden

Covent Garden was just fabulous.It's this big area designed to look like an Italian style piazza with this big marketplace in the middle. It's also the only place in London licensed to have street performers!! .. only thing was that I didn't get to see any. Aww..

One note: Covent Garden is the l33t place for shopping for upper-class goods. They have countless shoe shops selling from expensive branded shoes costing at least £8x to custom designer shoes worth £1xx. Wooooooo.. the temptation to spend!!

Also, designer clothes. Soooo many!! I love the Zara autumn jackets, but.. i know i'll be screwed if i spend £55 on a jacket.

If I was given the chance to go to London again, I'd definitely visit Covent Garden again. for sure.

~4.30pm. Leicester Square
Leicester Square is this place located in the middle of the four points of Trafalgar Square to the south, Piccadilly Circus to the west, Covent Garden to the east and Cambridge Circus to the north. It's a beautiful place I tell you. On that evening, there was this funfair right in the middle of the square, so the statue of William Shakespeare couldn't be seen.. but the funfair was fun.. in a way.

Anyway, went to meet up with Pak Seong, Jack, and Benson. I actually ended up in Leicester Square by accident, was walking from Covent Garden and all of the sudden, boom, got myself in Charing Cross Road.

I know this picture might not look very nice.. it's a 0.8Megapixel phone for heaven's sake. Anyway, we met up, went for a walk, bought some stuff in M&S, got some drinks at this hongkong restaurant, waited awhile, and then met up with JJ, Sue Anne, Ye Ring, and Gary for a dinner at.. um, i forgot the name.. some Chinese 酒楼. Our order was, if I remember correctly..:

Lemon Chicken
Spare Ribs in Plum Sauce
Kailan in Oyster Sauce
Half a Duck
Eight Treasures Steamed Tauhu
--i forgot--

+ lots of rice.

ahhhhh.. tasty. Although I must admit it was a pretty lousy lemon chicken and since when was plum sauce red?


Hanged around for awhile, met up with Aruna, SY and FoFo, then I had to split since it was around 8.55pm already. Later, got back in Richmond at around 9.40pm, then got my rest.

Money remaining: £13.79

Day 2
Got up around 11pm, watched some anime and manga, bathed, changed, ate supper lunch and then walked to Richmond station at around 1.25pm. Friggin delay happened at Acton Town where I had to wait for nearly half an hour. Adrian's already reached Heathrow and Lindsey's there halfway through.

shit i'm getting tired of typing already >.< here's what happens until flight.
-reached heathrow intl.
-checked in luggage (only 1 handluggage!!)
-met up with adrian and lindsey
-ate with Lindsey in TGI Fridays while Adrian found Lillian and her university mate.
-waited in the departure lounge and thought that we saw an Adlyss lookalike.
-got on board the plane!!

Cash left : £0.00
P.S : Lindsey is just so funny. Me and her we got the last row to ourselves. Row 63 yeah!! Although at first, anyone would be slightly turned off by the huge aircraft doors on each side. (yep who might know that the door will just fly open in midair and suck everyone out) I.. got to sit on the same seat that I sat in 6 months ago!! What a coincidence.

Seat 63G.

Woohoooooo... throughout the flight.. it was just enjoyable. Thanks Lindsey for the fun!!

P.P.S: Hmmph, you got 3 seats to sleep on, while i had pelvis pains after sleeping on 1.

Durian? Hahahaha...

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected over Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis from Tuesday to late Wednesday as Typhoon Durian heads southwards towards Malaysia.
The Star


What the..
Of all names, why Durian. It sounds so funny.

Imagine weathermen naming typhoons after fruits.
We should have:
Typhoon Duku Langsat

or maybe..

Typhoon Durian D24.

Hahaha.. I guess i'll stick to the conventional girl names.

Exams are over!! M'sia here I come!! I'll miss you Concord pals..


Hmmph, after this post, the next post will be after my term exams. Need to study..

1. Physics
2. English
3. Maths C3
4. Chemistry
5. Buy gifts to bring back
6. Claim back my £3.
7. Pay Jun back his £4.
8. Go to Emirates Stadium.
9. Shop around in London.
10. Buy some food to bring back.
11. Fly.
12. Eat M'sian food once again!!!

I'm so screwed for Physics.. 6 revision papers to go..

P.S: It's not my lamp.


A new rating system has been developed for the links in the 'Blogs I Read' section.
Look left <<---
For those of you who aren't familiar in this rating system. The maths behind it work like this.

which summarises things to

giving e as a value of x ratings when m is mass of me when laughing multiplied by the relative frequency of my laughter squared.

Ratings = (Mass when laughing)x(Speed of laughter)²
Isn't it brilliant?

Actually it's just random numbers put in based on first impression, seriousness and humour appeal, as well as intelligence. :) I deserve a knock on my head for this.

Toll Increased!

Toll rates will be increased for five concessionaires come Jan 1, 2007,
according to Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.
He said the
Government could not afford to compensate the concessionaires for the Guthrie Corridor Expressway, Karak Highway, Grand
Saga Cheras-Kajang Highway
, Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP) and Kesas Shah Alam Highway
.. .. ..

waddafark. Kesas nuuuuuu!!
Ok this isn't so bad actually, mostly anticipated already.
Now this.

We cannot afford to absorb an increase. We hope that if the increase does
apply to buses, then the Government will allow us to pass on the charges to
passengers, as allowed for taxis
Datuk Ashfar Ali, President of the Pan Malaysian Bus Operators

If the lorry operators were burdened the increase would be passed on to
Er Hui See, President of the Pan Malaysia Lorry Operators

waddaafarrrrkkkkkkk. Pass to consumers again. I can already predict the situation in a grocery store now.

Ah Beng: Auntie! Berapa ini satu beg beras?
Auntie: 10kilo RM45. (used to be RM 40)
Ah Beng: Hailat lo, apamacam expensive ni?
Auntie: Nehhh, itu toll naik tuuu..

For all you know the price of a bowl of laksa in KL will jump to RM5. Be prepared people.

Incident: Price of laksa rise from RM4 to RM5
Reason: Price of Ikan Bilis rise 10sen, so price of laksa rise 1000% (RM1)
2nd Reason: Toll naik!!!

Ahhh.. how I love Malaysia..


It's time again for a brief overview of what happened in the past week in our beloved country.

1. UMNO General Assembly.
After a much debated live telecast of the General Assembly was aired, papers quoted it to be fiery. Here's a quote from the NST

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday that several Umno delegates who touched on extreme racial sensitivities during their speeches at last week's general assembly may face action.

Najib said the party had identified several speeches which were deemed extreme, and would leave it to the relevant authorities to take action.
I'm not revealing the statements, but one thing is that it's rather seditious. One parting quote from our darling Minister of Education and UMNO Youth Leader.

The keris is here to stay. I told Liow (MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai), give me your kungfu sword and I will carry it. I am doing it on a question of principle, until people realise the keris is not there to threaten non-Malays but to motivate the Malays. These are all symbols to get Malays to move.

2. Parliamentary Sittings.
Refer to Kenny Sia's blog for one suggestion that was made in the Dewan Rakyat. It was hilarious.

It was also reported that several opposition figures had lambasted the Dewan for lack of minister participation. Oh well..

3. Cicakman (After our most anticipated Remp-It)

They have Spiderman, we have Cicakman!
Catch the Trailer here.

What's next? Burungman?
Oh how I love my country..

First Offer!

Opened my inbox today and saw that UCAS mailed me, so I checked out the website and I saw this..

Tenkyuu University of Manchester!!

Updated : Thank you University of York!!
Updatedx2 : Thank you University of Edinburgh!!

The Leonids

The Leonids are in fact debris left behind by the comet Tempel Tuttle/55P. This comet runs an elliptical orbit that returns to the inner solar system and releases material that forms into a new dust trail each in slightly different location than the previous dust trails. Leonids are an annual occurance that happens roughly around mid November every year. In November 2001 and 2002, the Earth passed very near the centre of the trail released at the 1866 return, while in November 2003, the Earth passed within a trail that was put down in 1533.

November 19th (yesterday) was the day the Leonids appeared in the skies. UT (GMT) 4.45am was the predicted time (+4 mins for UK).

The night before, after watching Borat in the afternoon, monopoly at night and a few DotA rounds late at night, I couldn't wake up at 4.30am after collapsing in my bed at 2-something AM. Actually I did, but I fell asleep sitting down on my bed, and woke up at 5am again and went to sleep, too tired to wake up for the 10am archery session on Sunday.

Damn, should have slept earlier.

Leonid Activity
Listening and Watching Leonids on TV/Radio

The Boss has spoken!

I was opening my inbox and I saw a message from Blogger, then I saw.. Boss Stewie?!

ZoMgWtFBbQ!! The bOss has posted in my little unknown-and-no-one-wants-or-even-wanted-to-visit blog!!

Released this morning was this statement:
The owner and publisher of this blog would like to express his utmost gratitude that Boss Stewie has written something, well at least something.


Legal Positivism

From last update:

Thomas Hobbes also founded a contractualist theory of Legal Positivism. Legal Positivism is often described as the view that there is no necessary relationship between law and moral values. Such an understanding of positivism is both unfruitful and far removed from the concerns of the figure most often associated with the origins of the positivist tradition, Thomas Hobbes. For Hobbes, legal positivism represented a decisive break with the intellectual tradition of common law scholarship which could no longer provide a satisfactory account of political authority.

Positivism began, therefore, as an explanation of the basis of law's authority within wider theories of social order: legal rules came to be seen as possessing authority not as the specific outcomes of broader moral precepts, but because they represent definitive, posited solutions to the problems of collective living. Analytical positivism, by contrast, centres upon the possibility of descriptive neutrality: an essential property of law, it is felt, is that ascertainment of its content does not necessarily depend upon moral assessments of the purpose of value of legal rules.

Legal positivism also implies that law is something that can be separated from ethics. On this view it is possible that there are legal rules that have no ethical component, and laws that are positively evil, such as the laws of slavery and segregation. Some natural lawyers argue that even the most pedestrian of laws carry the moral or ethical requirement that, as Samuel Adams said, the State of Nature may be abridged only for the basic maintenance of the greater society. Such order is a moral imperative. Thus, a law requiring driving on the right side of the road indeed has a philosophically moral basis. Not that right is socially preferable to left. But, that right is socially preferable to nothing.

Of course, not all legal decisions are as free of ethical content as this one is. Legal positivism is not synonymous with ethical positivism, or for that matter with moral relativism. It is at least a possible viewpoint that there exists a natural ethical code while maintaining that its translation into law remains local and contingent.The argument of legal positivism is not that ethics is irrelevant to every law; rather, that law and ethics are two different things, two fields that occasionally overlap but whose underlying logic remains separate. The legal positivist emphasizes that the law that forbids theft and the law that commands that you drive on the proper side of the road are two exemplars of the same phenomenon.

It's that time again!

I'm not really in the mood for bashing again but since the Malaysian press is all so hyped up as if the world has ended, I guess it's time some other points of view came in (Me!). Not that anyone reads this at all.. :(

I'll be back in a few hours~

Natural Law

I was browsing through Saddam Hussein's trials just today and this word came up.. in absentia.

If he is hanged, Saddam may also be tried in absentia for events
dating to the Iran-Iraq War and the invasion of Kuwait, including war crimes,
crimes against humanity, and genocide.


Now this part just beats the crap out of me, how come he isn't charged altogether with the entire package and just charged for the Dujail killings? It doesn't make any sense to charge someone who is deceased for crimes that he has committed while he's alive. Normally wouldn't it be that all charges and sentences were accumulated?

Now this page is interesting, it states on all latin legal terms in law. One of this is interesting..

jus naturale which falls under jurisprudence is law that exists independently of the positive law of a given political order, society or nation-state. It is simultaneously a legal philosophy or perspective, and a genre of law-depending on the jurisdiction in which the term is used. The theory of natural law was introduced by Aristotle before being further developed within a Christian context by St Thomas Aquinas. As a genre, natural law is the law of nature-that is, the principle that some things are as they are, because that is how they are. This use is especially valid in Scotland, where "natural law" operates as a genre of law parallel to both civil and criminal law, and its discussion is not limited to human beings.All human laws were to be judged by their conformity to the natural law. An unjust law was in a sense no law at all. The common law accepted this in determining the content of the law in a particular case. At this point, the natural law was not only used to pass judgment on the moral worth of various laws, but also to determine what the law said in the first place.

This brings us to Thomas Hobbes' view on natural laws. In his book Leviathan the law of nature is a precept, or general rule, found out by reason, by which a man is forbidden to do that which is destructive of his life, or takes away the means of preserving the same; and to omit that by which he thinks it may best be preserved.

The nine laws of nature according to Hobbes are:

  • that every man ought to endeavour peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek and use all helps and advantages of war.
  • that a man be willing, when others are so too, as far forth, as for peace, and defence of himself he shall think it necessary, to lay down this right to all things; and be contented with so much liberty against other men, as he would allow other men against himself.
  • that men perform their covenants made. (when a covenant is made, to break it is unjust and the definition of injustice is no other than the not performance of covenant)
  • that a man which receiveth benefit from another of mere grace, endeavour that he which giveth it, have no reasonable cause to repent him of his good will. (Breaching of this law is ingratitude)
  • that every man strive to accommodate himself to the rest. (Contrary to stubborn, insociable, intractable)
  • that upon caution of the future time, a man ought to pardon the offences past of them that repenting, desire it.
  • that in revenges, men look not at the greatness of the evil past, but the greatness of the good to follow.
  • that no man by deed, word, countenance, or gesture, declare hatred of contempt of another. (Breach of this law is called contumely)
  • that every man acknowledge another for his equal by nature. (The breach of this precept is pride)
But Hobbes says more than this, and it is this point that makes his argument so powerful. We do not just have a right to ensure our self-preservation: we each have a right to judge what will ensure our self-preservation. And this is where Hobbes's picture of man becomes important. Hobbes has given us good reasons to think that human beings rarely judge wisely. Yet in the state of nature no one is in a position to successfully define what is good judgment. If I judge that killing you is a sensible or even necessary move to safeguard my life, then - in Hobbes's state of nature – I have a right to kill you. Others might judge the matter differently, of course. Almost certainly you'll have quite a different view of things. Because we're all insecure, because trust is more-or-less absent, there's little chance of our sorting out misunderstandings peacefully, nor can we rely on some (trusted) third party to decide whose judgment is right. We all have to be judges in our own causes, and the stakes are very high indeed: life or death.

More on next update. :)

Credits given to Internet Encyclopedia for Philosophy, Wikipedia, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

My First Night Out!

First of all, this show is a must watch. Definitely a must watch.
This basically is about a small-town girl, Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) who applies to work as an assistant for the Runway fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). It tells about her demanding and i-don't-care-about-your-life-just-get-it-done attitude of her boss and how she managed to cope with it and how work spoiled her life etc etc etc etc. What's cool about it (the movie) is how fashion is described/portrayed as an art in the movie. Anne Hathaway is just oh-my-god unimaginably pretty in all the styles. It's a good show basically because of the number of fashion styles and designers involved, and etc etc etc.
My rating : 8.5/10
Anne Hathaway is just gorgeous! :d..
Not to mention, it's my first time since I've been to the UK that I'm out at night! Yay! :) Took a taxi (with Jun, Steph and Mich) from college to town at 12.20pm then we walked around and got some cash out from the banks, went shopping, ate at Art. Here's the funny thing, you should have seen me at the restaurant. First I ordered espresso. Looked at the price -- hmm.. £1.50, that should be fine considering it's already around 1 something in the afternoon and according to the Italians, having cappuccino after 10 in the morning is rather an insult (all that milk). So I figured, since I was going to have a pizza, espresso might go down well. So it came, and guess how big the cup was. It was like, you know a crucible, that you use for burning stuff in Chemistry? Yep it's slightly larger than that. At first I thought, maybe that's like the thick coffee to add to my cup of mild coffee or something like that, then when the waiter put it in front of me I was :0 speechless. The 3 of them were laughing. The second thing was the pizza I ordered, I figured since I'm spending like £7 at least on that pizza, might as well just try some new tastes, so I ordered Four Seasons. It really is four seasons, there's the normal flat pizza, with tomatoes, cheese, sprinkles of pepper, normal mushrooms, and then there's olives, some small green thing that excretes bitter juices when you chew it, some weird layer-ish thing that feels like mushroom (it's so sour!!), and salty bacon, and some kinda thin leave that tastes sour. So tongue bending and taste challenging.. I swear, pizza hut tastes so much better. After that we walked to Cineworld to catch a movie and after watching The Devil Wears Prada, we hopped over to another movie (which we didn't pay for) The History Boys, omgness that was the suckiest movie ever. It was a movie, made by BBC, about some A-Level students studying History who were shortlisted to go to Oxford/Cambridge due to their exceptionality, problem is the time was set in 1983. We stayed for about 20 minutes then we just scootered off. I was like -- What the fock.. Then we went over to ASDA, it was about 6.++ by then, bought some stuff, walked to Burger King, ate, laughed and then we took a taxi back to college.
Woohooo! My first time in Shrewsbury on a Saturday evening!!
Cash spent : ~£30
Satisfaction level : Woohoooo~!!

Urban Legends

Now Friday came, you old wives say, Of all the week's the unluckiest day." (1656)

Although this superstition has survived centuries in Western civilisation, it's quite diminished in the modern era. People tend to make jokes about Friday the 13th (I'll call it F13), advise loved ones to take extra care, or just brush it off. Personally I'll just brush the superstition off, but retain the careful bit of it. Just for my sake :)

However, there are certain people who suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th). It's hard to understand but generally on that day, symptoms range from slight anxiety to full blown panic attacks.

Tracing Friday the 13th back to it's roots
An ancient Norse mythology tells about 12 gods having their dinner party at their heaven, Valhalla. A 13th uninvited guest walked in who happened to be Loki. Once there, Loki arranged for Hoder, the blind god of darkness, to shoot Balder the Beautiful, the god of joy and gladness, with a mistletoe-tipped arrow. Balder died, and the whole Earth got dark and mourned.
Biblical reference shows the Last Supper, at which Judas Iscariot the apostle was said to have been the 13th guest to sit at the table. (Judas later betrayed Jesus, leading to His crucifixion, and then took his own life.) This Christian symbolism is reflected in early Western references to thirteen as an omen of bad fortune, which generally started to appear in the early 18th century and warned that thirteen people sitting down to a meal together presaged that one of them would die within the year:

Some historians suggest the Christian distrust of Fridays is actually linked to the early Catholic Church's overall suppression of pagan religions and women. In the Roman calendar, Friday was devoted to Venus, the goddess of love. When Norsemen adapted the calendar, they named the day after Freyr, or Freyja (anglicised as Freya), Norse goddesses connected to love and sex. Both of these strong female figures once posed a threat to male-dominated Christianity, the theory goes, so the Christian church vilified the day named after them. This characterization may also have played a part in the fear of the number 13. It was said that Freyr would often join a coven of witches, normally a group of 12, bringing the total to 13. This idea may have originated with the Christian Church itself; it's impossible to verify the exact origins of most folklore. A similar Christian legend holds that 13 is unholy because it signifies the gathering of 12 witches and the devil.


There is a folklore remedy though, it suggests that one climbs to the top of a mountain or hill and burn all the socks that has holes in them to cleanse off the bad luck due to Friday the 13th.

So, on a final note, Happy Friday 13th people~

Weaken the Trade Unions!

The private sector should follow the Government's lead in declaring Oct 23 a public holiday, the MTUC said. Its president Syed Sharir Syed Mahmud said employers should give their workers a paid holiday as part of their corporate social responsibility. “Do not force them to take annual leave or deduct their salaries for the day as it will defeat the purpose. To many workers, the day’s salary is important for their survival,” he said. “In the spirit of Hari Raya and Deepavali, I hope private sector employers will give the workers this gift.” He added that the long festival was similar to the Christmas and New Year holiday breaks in Britain and the United States. Syed Sharir said a long uninterrupted break would help boost local tourism. Meanwhile, the Malaysian Employers Federation said the private sector should be given a choice to decide whether to treat Oct 23 as a holiday.

What I feel that the nation is in currently, is an inflation cycle. Which when explained by a newbie like me, is when demand exceeds supply and output prices soar. The simple solutions usually are:

1. Increase central bank interest rates (which has been raised meagrely in the last quarter of the year, but estimated to be raised again by the end of the year)

2. Weaken trade unions. Although this is a hot issue widely debated, I'm on this side of the argument.

Here's what the UK government thought in the 1990s:

Recent research shows that trade unions have used their powers in ways which adversely affected labour costs, productivity and jobs. Managements who recognised and negotiated with trade unions were more likely to suffer job losses than managements which did not. In general trade unions tended to push up the earnings of people they represented while blocking the improvements in productivity which are needed to pay for these higher earnings.

--White Paper on Employment for the 1990s, CM. 540

3. Reduce government spending.

IMO, (note the bold) , Pak Lah's administration are doing 1 and 3 but although number 2 seems somewhat risky to control, (politically risky), CUEPACS and MTUC have made some press releases lately, which seem to have grabbed the headlines, given the current inflationary crisis. This affects workers' productivity as (you know, mentality and the sort of things, I'm not going further into it)

Conclusion, (although radical and unpopular), introduce anti-union laws (law is always a dirty and boring tool in the modern world), and take more aggressive stances to reduce government budget deficit and expenditure.

:) Signing out, till next time.

Good Job, Pak Lah.

No salary revision for now.

Finally, something right has been done. Every single year, the budget covers plainly for civil servants. I don't know what CUEPACS is ranting about, but their basis of argument is plainly inaccurate.

An maxima increase of 40% for those in the support category (NST quotes hospital attendants, drivers, gardeners and clerical and administrative staff) .. ok let's see:

1.4 X 480 = rm 172 increase. If 200,000 people get rm172 increase, that's rm 34.4 million off the government coffers. Coupled with tax reliefs, car and house allowances, pensions, reduced income tax, no EPF, and they are still complaining?

Rules of basic survival :
If you can't survive, don't beg. It looks pathetic. Another clear example of what Malaysians have become, overly dependant on the government. All the while the budget has never or rarely benefited private sector workers.

The entire overview of this is that it is kind of bad. The income of the general public has never actually inflated by a big margin over the years while costs of living have gone up by at least 200%. It also dictates the problem of having a controlled economy. Some may argue that Malaysian economics are more relaxed and free than most socialist economies, but that still isn't really true. For example take the ceiling prices of controlled goods. Although from one side, it seems good that traders and middlemen don't raise prices beyond affordability, in another way it's bad. Basic macroeconomics, demand and supply. If the price is fixed at a certain level, supply will stay constant as well, as producers are reluctant to sell. Less supply + More demand = Price Inflation. As simple as that. Fiscal policies people!


Well, this is in reply to Darren's post here.

It’s just wrong to say all this. Let’s see what our so called mega projects are doing now.

KLCC – Occupancy rate <50%

Cyberjaya – Failure, occupants consist of LKW students, Bangladeshi workers, and companies seeking the incentive of no taxation. Why set up shop there anyway? It’s not near any major transportation hub. KLIA? How expensive are aviation costs going to be? It’s definitely cheaper hiring logistics from Cyberjaya to Port Klang (a good 80-110km, non inclusive of traffic) and going by ship from there, although, piracy in the Straits of Malacca is rampant. That’s why Bayan Lepas is more preferred. It has an airport and a nearby port-of-call.

Putrajaya – High administration costs as well as transportation costs. Why locate to somewhere where no one knows? Trying to copy the Aussies? Well, at least Canberra is a city, and it’s more well known that Putrajaya (uhh where’s that). Rest assure that at least a majority of Australians know where Canberra is compared to KL-ians. Imagine Reuters or AP using Putrajaya instead of KL, note: they are still using Kuala Lumpur. “Putrajaya has said that no actions have been …etcetc..” the readers will be like .. uhh wtf is Putrajaya” instead of Canberra, which the entire world acknowledges that it is the administrative city of Australia. I remember Canada and US having the same system as well, but mind you, they are 1st world countries! Even UK doesn’t do this. Why relocate Downing Street to Birmingham or Manchester or worse still, Reading, Slough, Luton and the likes of these places? That’s right, you’re thinking.. uhh where the fu-k is Slough.

KLIA – Well maybe this was town planning at work but it doesn’t make sense, to relocate from Subang to some like Nilai/Sepang is just wrong. Cheap land? Of course, but best of all, is transportation. 45 mins driving through nothing and you’d already think, why is the airport so f—king far away? After all it’s 45mins worth of land that you’re driving through at 90-120km/h. Just think about it.

Bakun HEDP – Waste of money and clearest of all was cronyism along with Ting P3k Khiing. It’s just a cover for massive logging for $$. I mean 2400MW of power output is way more than how much Sabah and Sarawak require. Kalimantan has cheap wax therefore it doesn't need to buy power from Bakun. Proposals include an undersea cable to transfer unbought energy from Sarawak to Johor. I forgot how much it'll cost but trust me, it's not cheap. Read this link for more info: Why build a big aluminium smelter that’ll buy off 50% of Bakun’s power generation just to overproduce aluminium for Malaysia. What if prices collapse? What happens during oversupply?

Penang Bridge : Obviously TDM and SamiVeloo (I purposely spelt it wrong) were not thinking ahead. To build such a bridge with loans from Japan spelt trouble. Japan’s economy collapsed, soon after and we had to write off debts.

MAS is a private company with the government investment Khazanah having a good portion of share in it. The reason for that much money was due to it’s MSS (Mutual Separation Scheme). That includes payments. Mind you it’s less than RM 1 billion not 4.5 billion. Read Uncle Kit's blog for more info. Another thing I might add is to read the opposition's blog to get an insight of things on their side of the story. Jeff Ooi's is a good blog as well.

If you are complaining about taxation, then come live in the UK and you’ll feel the effects of direct and indirect taxation. VAT here is at a staggering 17.5%. That’s indirect taxation for you. Income tax is at 22% if you are earning £2091-£32400. 40% if you are over that amount. Think, £32,400 is not much when it comes to per year. It's only £2,700 per month. European countries basically have high tax rates.

If you do further research deeper, you’ll find out that our previous leader led us into a big government deficit. The current one basically just reduced it. Which is why the outcry from TDM, all this rantings don’t mean anything because you aren’t PM anymore. You have no power and no one is afraid of you anymore.

Let me remind you once again, we are a developing country. Want to compare to China? Look at its human rights record. Look at the central government banning or filtering sites. Want to compare Streamyx to Singtel? Singtel blocks P2P uploading while Streamyx (probably the worse company alive) doesn’t.

Just don’t keep on complaining. Don’t keep your expectations high, just because we think that we deserve much more. By human nature that’s true.

What TDM did in the past years were spoonfeeding us and keeping us dependant on the government. He succeeded in that, now people are complaining just because the petrol rised up. Have you seen the effect of petroleum in US? Be happy because we are still a net petroleum producer instead of an importer. Problem is that our fiscal policies are “slightly” screwed up. Inflation in market commodities and pricing while deflation in salary and income. But there will be a time when employers will feel the pinch and raise salaries.

Indonesia, now has way less issues with the Indonesian Chinese than before. It's growth rate per annum in percentage of GDP is chasing up to us (or overtaking I think).In fact the Chinese over there are prospering and are given more respect than before. However, I’m saying, just protect your interests and no one can harm you. For the past 20 years, under the leadership of you-know-who money has been drained from Chinese pockets and channelled to the pockets of the ultra-UNMO people. Not ordinary malays which is why I always insist on not generalising.

I feel the target of 2020 will be barely in reach when we are at that time. But, this time around, the prospects are brighter than before. That’s what I feel, that’s what most people who can read between the lines feel. People have been blinded before by the media, by words, by everything they see on one side of the story. Read the other side and judge for yourself who’s right.

Remind yourself of the Israelis and Palestinians who are fighting a war just for a simple reason. To find a place to call home. We people have one, and we are already complaining. So please be glad that you have a good home, although with an ineffective government, but peaceful and blessed with resources.

Ok.. If anyone is reading this post (I take that no one reads it), I'm extremely busy now and my school server has just unblocked Friendster and Blogspot.

First things first: My free time.

Free Time (GMT+1, British Summer Time)
Mondays: 10.20-11.00am, 3.20-4.00pm
Tuesdays: 11.20-12.00pm, 2.00-2.40pm
Wednesdays: 11.20-12.00am
Thursdays: -
Fridays: 8.00-8.40am, 11.20 -12.20pm, 2.40-3.20pm.

----- After time conversion (+7 hours)
Mondays: 5.20-6.00pm, 10.20-11.00pm
Tuesdays: 6.20-7.00pm, 9.00-9.40pm
Wednesdays: 6.20-7.00pm
Thursdays: -
Fridays: 3.00-3.40pm, 6.20-7.20pm, 9.40-10.20pm

After that I usually won't bother to come online.. I'll be in my room or in the sports hall working out, or playing games.

Speaking of games, I just got Call of Duty 2, Civilisation IV, and Half Life 2 from Paul! Friggin cool I'm telling you.

Half Life 2
Graphics: Totally owns (on my laptop) (9/10), Heavenly (on a gaming desktop) (9.8/10)
Gameplay: Interesting
Comments: This game definitely sells with it's graphics, terrain and character buildup. So much difference compared to it's predecessor.

Call of Duty 2
Graphics: Superb (8/10)
Gameplay: Being the military enthusiast, obviously this is the ultimate game for me (for now)
Comments: I can't get it to work on my comp!! .. Damn you Int3l for providing a low quality 915 Graphics Accelerator.

Civilisation IV
Graphics: Mediocre (5/10)
Gameplay: -
Comments: I'll try this one out.. as soon I can get it to work!! $(!%@

Ahh.. September and October is the time to get into gear and submit your UCAS applications ASAP! I don't know whether I'll be even considered for an offer because of my ABB. Oh well, I'm taking 2 universities as insurance and going for the other 4.

University and Course Application
University College London (UCL) - L100 Economics (Offer AAA-AAB)
University of Warwick - L112 Industrial Economics (Offer AAA-AAB)
University of Manchester - LN13 Economics and Finance (Offer AAB-BBB)
University of Edinburgh - L100 Economics (Offer ABB-BBB)
University of Bristol - LN13 Economics and Finance (Offer AAA-AAB)
University of York - L112 Economics and Finance (Offer AAA-AAB)

I'm not going into Oxford/Cambridge/LSE mind you.. I'm not wasting my choices on places which I know I barely have a chance to enter.

Basically I think this is all that I can blog about this time.. Will update soon.

Little things that I find interesting

Recently, I came across this interesting webpage swarmthe.com. It basically is a project, just like Whatpulse where you will be able to view, in real-time, what webpages other people are viewing.

Swarm is a graphical map of hundreds of websites, all connecting to each other. It updates itself every second with where people are going and coming from. As sites become more popular, they move towards the center of the swarm.

Website traffic is symbolized with thin lines. Each time you see a line appear, it means someone has moved from one site to the other. You can gauge how many people are swarming around based on the number of lines.
Give it a try, and also, since I said it, might as well introduce Whatpulse.

Now, Whatpulse is basically a program which logs keystrokes (not keys, unlike a keylogger/trojan) and clicks. Now, you may be wondering, what's the point of all these things. The reason is simple, ever wondered how much keys you typed all this while? Ever wonder how much clicks are there in a game of Counter-Strike? That's the reason. Not only that, the user can also send his information to the Whatpulse server for it to store and to get a total cumulative value of the number of clicks/keys.

When you "pulse", you're actually sending your keycounts in the program to the server along with other information about your Account, so the server can decide where to put the keycount. If the pulse goes according to plan, the server sends back an "OK", and the client's keycount is reset to 0 (zero), and your previous keys are added to your profile in the server database! :)

And for all you people who are thinking "oeh mi god a keylogger, no way!", well, exactly, No way. WhatPulse is not and never will be any sort of keylogger, it does not collect the keys you type, but only how many keys you type.
So far, since I've joined about 9 months ago, I've logged about 4,000,000 keystrokes/2,000,000 clicks. (4,071,170/1,937,330 to be exact).

One other program that I find rather interesting is this, ServStats. It's a Firefox extension whereby, I'll quote here:
ServStats is a Firefox extension that lets users share statistics about web server connectivity and diagnose network failures. With ServStats, you can just push a button in your browser to find out the number of times other people have attempted to connect to a server, the average latency and rate of failure for that server, and more.
Hmmph, keep you posted. I'll be blogging more often nowadays.

Haado Gei (Hard Gay)

Ok.. does the name ring any bells? Haha, i have to say, he is one funny heck of a guy. Here's one MV of a song from him. I'll post up some Haado Gei videos soon. Keep you posted~

A Friendly Campaign~

Ok let's hear this out.

Little Ben Sim has a problem.. his balls are small aren't long enough, therefore, with the help of me, we have set up a sitepage where you can help him out by just visiting once a day.

Our aim: To help Little Ben Sim's balls grow
Our motto: A Click a Day makes the girls go weee!

What you can do: Visit this link to help him out. All we want is just a visit once a day.

Thank you!

Disclaimer: Noo, it's not the real Ben Sim, Little Benny is solely my idea just for laughs, =P.

Copyright NightSky 2006: Copy this campaign, and I'll make sure your balls disappear~

Bad Day

25 June..

It's the day I fly back from the UK, though I partly feel tired, in fact, very tired from the whole flight, it was a fun experience though..

12.30PM : Van leaves for Heathrow Intl. Airport
4.10PM : Van arrives at London Heathrow
4.20PM : Checks in Luggage but finds out that luggage is overloaded at 32kilos. Desperately unpack till it weighs 25kilos, and forced to throw away some university prospectuses from my hand carried bag, because needed to free up 3kg from 10.2kg.
5.40PM: Finally checks in luggages.. *thinks*Friggin' MAS, baggage allowance only 20kg..
6.00PM: Boarding gates open, and people start boarding the plane.. Guess what seat I got....


In specific terms it means the last row in the plane ..

||<--Door |D|E|F|G| Door--> ||

The first time I sat in this place in all my plane flights.. it looks so scary.. as if the door will just blow open and suck you out of the airplane.. eeee.. freaky.

Then, as usual we wait for everyone to board the plane and stuff.. until 7.05pm(supposedly our departure time).. hmm the plane's still not moving.. ok 10 mins later it moves, and then the captain announces, bla bla bla bla bla.. communications problem .. bla bla bla.. towing to another gate... bla bla... ground engineers coming to identify the problem.. and after 100 agonising minutes, they announced, that they were gonna take off!! Yeh!

Anyway, one good point was there was this not-bad looking vietnamese girl who sat beside me during the flight.. she looked kinda small but i guessed that she was a university student, never did it occur to me that she graduated from university already!.. whoaaa

Wow.. but one good point was that talking to her during the flight made my fear of "The Door" go away a little..it was pretty interesting, talking to strangers.. first time experience also.. hahahaha... the ride was super bumpy.. I counted 5-6 turbulences during the entire 12hr flight.. a few of them shook the plane so much that I practically rocked sideways.. waaa damn scary..

anyway, once arrived, I had to wait for my luggage to come out... damn, I stood there for 1.5 hrs and finally my small bag pops out. Wth, so long just for 2 luggages. Sigh, no comment.

Then finally, when I go out to the arrival hall, my mum barely noticed me.. wth,omgbbq.. anyway, on the way back, for some reason *I think she's too happy* she drove all the way from KLIA to Kota Damansara to Damansara Utama and finally back to Bkt Jalil.. all this for 1hr 20 mins.. sigh..

what a long day..

The BiGG Transformation

Wa.. and all of a sudden everyone knew about my blog--

I thought it was seclusive, or somewhat like that.. anyway, it's been ages since I blogged.. *sorry Bo-Bo I promise I won't do that again*

Lately, there's this association with cute names. My Blog's called Bo-Bo and I'm called Muffie! Basically, I have no idea why this popped up. It must have happened when I was on a W3 frenzy the other week.

A W3 Frenzy is basically, a time where 13 hours is spent on Warcraft alone, and the remaining hours are sleep and food. Games played vary from DotA, to Battleships, to Sheep Tag (this is where I got the name Muffie), to Tower Defense, to Hero Siege, and finally to Enfo TS.

Speaking of games, games are really addicting.. A friend passed GTA-San Andreas to me, and I'm currently playing it whenever I can..

Ah d-mn, hmmm..

Basically, the B-I-Double-G(That's GG) transformation is all about.. changing attitudes totally.. it's about a kid who's learnt so much from things that he's changed!

The past is.. the past, as I always say, "Just leave it behind~"

After 6 months, I'm still thinking, HEY! I'm still 17, What The.." I can't buy liquor, can't watch 18+Movies, can't errm.. have s*x legally, can't have a credit card, can't participate in surveys, can't.. .. ..

Arrghh! I just missed an opportunity to earn RM2,500 monthly just because I'm 17!!!

Wahahahahaha.. speaking of which


ArGentina totally whooped Holland last night, look at Riquelme! Holland needed three men to defend against him..

Anyway, for those who don't support Argentina, too bad, because they might just win the World Cup!

Argentina World Cup Squad 2006

1-Roberto Abbondanzieri (Boca Juniors) Caps: 21. Goals: 0.
12-Leo Franco (Atletico Madrid, Spain) Caps: 3. Goals: 0.
23-Oscar Ustari (Independiente) Caps: 0. Goals: 0.

2-Roberto Ayala (Valencia, Spain) Caps: 99. Goals: 6.
17-Leandro Cufre (AS Roma, Italy) Caps: 2. Goals: 0.
15-Gabriel Milito (Real Zaragoza, Spain) Caps: 14. Goals: 0.
6-Gabriel Heinze (Manchester United, England) Caps: 28. Goals: 1.
21-Nicolas Burdisso (Inter Milan, Italy) Caps: 7. Goals: 0.
4-Fabricio Coloccini (Deportivo Coruna, Spain) Caps: 23. Goals: 1.

3-Juan Pablo Sorin (Villarreal, Spain) Caps: 70. Goals: 10.
13-Lionel Scaloni (West Ham United, England) Caps: 5. Goals: 0.
8-Javier Mascherano (Corinthians, Brazil) Caps: 14. Goals: 0.
5-Esteban Cambiasso (Inter Milan, Italy) Caps: 21. Goals: 1.
22-Luis Gonzalez (Porto, Portugal) Caps: 27. Goals: 5.
18-Maxi Rodriguez (Atletico Madrid, Spain) Caps: 12. Goals: 2.
10-Juan Roman Riquelme (Villarreal, Spain) Caps: 30. Goals: 8.
16-Pablo Aimar (Valencia, Spain) Caps: 40. Goals: 7.

19-Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Spain) Caps: 6. Goals: 1.
9-Hernan Crespo (Chelsea, England) Caps: 54. Goals: 29.
11-Carlos Tevez (Corinthians, Brazil) Caps: 20. Goals: 3.
7-Javier Saviola (Sevilla, Spain) Caps: 30. Goals: 9.
14-Rodrigo Palacio (Boca Juniors) Caps: 2. Goals: 0.
20-Julio Ricardo Cruz (Inter Milan, Italy) Caps: 15. Goals: 3.

Vamos Argentina!

One Wish

Ray J - One Wish

Damn baby
Just don't understand where we went wrong
I gave you my heart
I gave you my soul
I gave you...

As a matter of fact
I was the one who said I love you first
It was about eight years ago, don't act like you don't know
We were sittin' at home in your mama's livin' room
Cause, we couldn't be alone
See your mama knew I was something else, she knew how I felt
Back then we were in school; and that's your favourite excuse
Growin' up I was a fool; and I can't lie I'm missing you
Listen and don't trip
I think I need a bottle with a genie in it
Here's my wish list

First one, I would create a heart changing love
Second one, I'll take yours and fill it all the way up
Third one, but I don't need a lot of wishes cause I'll be okay if I get one

If I had one wish, we would be best friends
Love would never end, it would just begin
If I had one wish, you would be my boo
Promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you

If I had one wish, we would run away
Making love all day, have us a baby
If I had one wish, I'd make you my whole life
And you'd be my wife, make it right this time

If I had one wish
One wish, one wish, one wish
One wish, one wish, one wish
One wish, one wish, one wish
One wish, one wish, one wish

Now tell me is this the only way I can get you right back in
If so then searchin' I'll go, then I can have you for sho
Then you'll be loving me, holding me, kissing me
So girl don't tell me what I'm feeling is make believe
I swear if I lose a second chance with you
I wouldn't know what to do
I'd probably check myself into some kind of clinic
I couldn't be alone because without you I'm sick

Here's my wish list
First one, I would create a heart changing love
Second one, I'll take yours and fill it all the way up
Third one, but I don't need a lot of wishes cause I'll be okay if I get one

If I had one wish, we would be best friends
Love would never end, it would just begin
If I had one wish, you would be my boo
Promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you
If I had one wish, we would run away
Making love all day, have us a baby
If I had one wish, I'd make you my whole life
And you'd be my wife, make it right this time
If I had one wish

I don't even know how we ended upon this road
And, even though we are grown, Girl I just want you to know

If I had one wish, we would be best friends
Love would never end, it would just begin
If I had one wish, you would be my boo
Promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you
If I had one wish, we would run away
Making love all day, have us a baby
If I had one wish, I'd make you my whole life
And you'd be my wife, make it right this time


Just one more day, then it's World Cup + DotA & CS Combo!!

Gooooo Argentina!


This is a letter I've wrote, just feel like publishing it so that I get it out to people.
To: My only one true love

You know.. right now, I can't do anything at all. My mind is all set about calling you, listening to your voice, waiting for you online, etc. This is all an act of desperation. Everything that has happened is so incomprehensible.

I haven't slept much yesterday. Today I woke up my eyes were so sore. Then when I went to college, everyone was like, "you need some coffee dude". Hopefully no one knows about anything yet. I've only told one of my friends, and you know what he thought, he thought, that something must have happened in the time of a month that caused you to lose every single feeling you have. If you so want to be single, then why are you still having feelings for someone else?

I really don't care anymore, what I want now is only you. Halfway when writing through this letter, the internet just went down. Tough luck. Why did everything happen so quickly... right before my most important exam to date? The same thing nearly happened during SPM..

Why why why? Why all the countless e-mails saying I miss you and I love you at the end? If what you say is true, why have you lied so much to me.. why? Why did you cause me so much pain? The choice offered now is still painful. It makes no difference only that I have a chance.

I refuse to believe that you are the one who made this decision. Someone else must have influenced you to make this decision. For all the years we've been together and for all the years I've loved you, I don't believe that you are saying this. Because I know that you can't bear to hurt me so much, and yet you did, without much feeling of remorse.

Why are you causing pain beyond belief to me?
Why did you stop loving me?

These questions won't go out of my head. I'm getting crazy, everyday.. the only thing I want to do is talk to you, and that's it. I'll never be able to rest until I know that you are mine once again..

I've drawn up a master plan in my head over the night yesterday, and I've thought of all the things that I'm going to do. This looks like a korean drama, it's as if the girl has just gotten amnesia and the boy wants to get the girl to love her again. Sadly, dramas in real life, are very hurting to the individual. Never mind, although I am partly frustrated that you'd do this to me, I cannot release that frustration for the rest of my life, because the pain felt during this time, will stay. No matter whether I build up everything from scratch again, or whether I fail.

The first thing I have to get out of the way is the presence of a third party in the situation. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on both of you. Never will he get any chance to talk to you again without talking to me. I realise that I have to be both protective and respectful at the same time. Doesn't matter, it's just a matter of improvements. Don't worry about me, I'll try to be as strong as I can, because I do not believe in a future without you, and the only path left is the path which few people take, which only people so true to their cause, are willing to sacrifice everything to walk down that path to make everything better. I'm going to do that, I'm going to take everything I have, and everything I can give, and use it all.

Eventhough I have so many questions to be answered that I don't think I'll ever get an answer to, I'll have to find out the answers myself. Because time will tell everything, even if words don't come out. Though it still feels very very wrong, I'll have to accept that.

The journey begins.. now.

I'm trying to look for some new mobile packages so that I only have to pay a certain amount of money and I get up to 1000 free minutes a month. Which is pretty cool! the SE k750i is kinda hard to find though along with the o2 line. But just imagine, 1000 free minutes!

Anyway, are you having exams soon? Well, good luck with that ;)

I'm still looking forward to coming back. Haha, hopefully I'll breeze through my entire driving thingies and then straightaway get a car and drive around. I figure, I'll have to sacrifice time with the guys and everything, and just focus on what I only want to do. It's a new beginning again, this time, I'm going to make it. I promise myself. Hmm.. one problem which still remains is the problem of money.. how will I get enough money to start spending on you.. hmm, I think the best way is to start working, and using my money to invest in high-return investments(basically enter and run programs) and get many more returns back.. hmm, good idea.

Though I'm dead bent on letting my parents know now, so I can get their full backing. Although I've got some bad feeling the whole thing might not work out, it's worth the try. This is my last push. And I've told you, I'm not willing to regret over any things I've not done. I don't care whether you want me to tell my parents or not either because this is not about you. This is about me. I'm trying to get you to love me again, and I'll be open to you on this. I don't care on what you are thinking, I don't give a damn about what you feel, all I care is that I can make you feel the same about me, regardless whether you hate me or not, this is one final berserk push. One final try. One last chance.

Let me etch that into your mind, so that you don't have to ask me that again. I will not stop at anything, including life threatening situations, just to get you to love me once more. I hope that my position still remains as your boyfriend, hopefully.. but I don't think so. I don't think you'll be willing to do anything with me, I'll just have to treat this as a new courtship, although a very disappointing one, still it has to be done.

I know my interests and yours are off opposite ends. Everything of us is predicted never to end up right. What I am doing here, is against all odds. People may think that I am desperate, that I am a fool. But I am fighting and walking still because of my love for you.

So far, I've skipped 3 classes already. Because classes don't mean anything to me. Nothing will, I have to prioritise here. And the priority is you.

This just seems so sad until the extent that I have to deny the truth, and that I have to look back at all the mails that I've saved, at all the pictures I've taken, and try my hardest to remember your voice speaking all those words, and everytime I look at it, tears just fall down, no matter where I am. I cannot help it, that's the only thing I want to do now. That's the only thing worth doing now. I am not shy, nor I am afraid, because this is the only thing I have left, that brings me happiness, that truly puts my entire self at utmost happiness.

Studies? They don't mean anything to me, precisely one of the reasons why I fail to accept the reason that this happens now. Right before my most important two papers (Chemistry and Physics). Don't worry though, I am not myself, I've got myself pretty covered in all aspects of the syllabus so I don't need to worry about the exams for the moment.

What I have now, are memories. These memories bring me happiness, not the present state now. That is why I refuse to believe your words. I refuse to believe that you made the decision. I am so frustrated that you lied to me. I want to hurt you back, but I have to fight that feeling on my own, again causing another war of emotions inside of me. This soul will never rest for now, no, not for now.

Running away from all this may seem like a good idea. Although the mind and soul is so damaged that running away physically from it will not help. Now I understand suicide, it is to put the mind and soul, at rest. Away from all pain, to be in a place so peaceful and calm forever, not needing to feel any more pain. Though the need is the same, this path is of desperation, which also puts me pretty much in the same position. I've loved you too much till it means nothing without you.

I can feel that my soul is too weak to handle all these. I can feel that I need more strength. I've always gotten strength from your love, now I have to find my own strength. It is no longer about how you look or how you are physically / mentally. I am blind already, blind with love, and the only thing I want now is happiness. My future will be blind too, so might my eyes, but I have no fear for anything now. No fear at all. It has all been banished from me because of all the pain and desperation.

This letter will go on and on but I'm afraid I've already spent 105 minutes typing what I feel, and every message that I've portrayed to you will keep repeating in my head.

When you came into my life, you changed me, you showed me meaning of things great and small, you brought colour and life into it. You brought happiness to me, now though it may never seem true to me that we are not meant to be, I will forever love you, and I will try as hard as I can to teach you the things you have taught me, to bring wonders as what you have brought to me. I'm glad that I have sang the voices of my heart, because it will never rest, it will always stand up over and over again, because the meaning of life without you, is nothing. I am glad to be part of your life, to be part of an adventure so happy and nice, that eventhough I am no longer part of it, the memories of it, will still bring tears of joy every single day. I am no longer full, I am no longer strong, but the next phase of life, I have to be strong, this path I have to walk alone, and however much I want you to walk with me, I'll swear to God, that I will get you back the way you got me to love you so deeply.

Whenever I think of all this, I just feel like writing to you, so that you would know how I feel, I know, when you read all this, it means little to you without emotions, how I wish I could be back there now, and that you can be by my side, because for 6 months I have had no one, and I had to bear with that with strength and will, and now I have no one, and I have to try to get it back. What I just wish for now, is for you to say that you love me. That might just be a good wish for my birthday that's coming soon.. My thoughts have all been in prayer. I've been looking at countless websites from valentine messages right up to love help forums to get a glimpse of an idea of what I am supposed to do.

I have been through hell and back in just under 2 days. This is very very painful for me.
How I wish everything would turn right again. How I wish God will smile down upon me.

Until the next time,

I love you.

Update: It dreads to say this, but I'm going after her again.. so.. you know~

Tough Luck

Basically, right before the exams, some sh*t happens. And I'm freakin' pumped up about it until it's making me overload my body temperature..


At least my studies aren't suffering.

UEFA Champions League 2006

First Half Highlights

Second Half Highlights

Awards Ceremony

This is always the sad part.. IMO, Arsenal reserve keeper Almunia did a great job with the saves, but I guess he got tired in the later part of the game. Eto'o's goal was offside! That's an unfair decision by the referee.

So, Barca still remains as Europe's best team, Arsenal's gonna give it another shot next year!

Hot Hot Hot!! Bright Bright Bright!!

Personally, I don't know how am I going to live my days back in M'sia..

The weather here is somewhat cooling at 17-18C max during daytime, but when it goes up to 23-25 .. I can barely hang on to the heat. The body feels like little gas bubbles wanting to pop and release hot air, it feels as if it's a kettle whistling it's head off.

Another thing is .. I hate the sunlight!

14-18 May 2006

Sunrise 05:16 (BST)
Sunset 20:57 (BST)

Sunrise 05:14 (BST)
Sunset 20:59 (BST)

Sunrise 05:13 (BST)
Sunset 21:00 (BST)

Sunrise 05:11 (BST)
Sunset 21:02 (BST)

Sunrise 05:10 (BST)
Sunset 21:04 (BST)

In real time, when they say it's sunset.. means it's sunset, but the sky doesn't go dark till about 40 minutes later..

It's just "Ahhh, I wanna sleep" everytime I wake up at 6 because of the sun.. now I don't need any alarm clocks anymore, just trust the sun~

46 days left!?


Things to do
41 Maths Papers (C1,C2,S1) - 24 more to go!
40 Chemistry Papers (Foundation Chem, Chains and Rings, How Far How Fast) - 20 Done!
18 Physics Papers (Module 1, 2, 3) - Sat 5 hr full blast Physics!

AS-English? -- Dreaded subject, I'm beginning to suspect this is lingustics.

Next week (AS-Exams begin)
Monday - Chemistry Planning Task
Wednesday - Physics Practical Examination
Thursday - Chemistry Practical Examination

Next next week
Maths (C1,C2,S1) GCE-AS Examinations
English Paper 1

Next next next week
Rest 10 days(+half term holidays)

Next next next next week
Physics Modules 1,2,3
Chemistry Modules 1,2,3

Next next next next next week
Ahhhh.. break..

Next next next next next next week
Internal Promotion Examinations

Next next next next next next next week
Back in M'sia!!

Chem. Practical Task :)

This time it's educational, since I've been given the practical planning paper for Chemistry OCR.


I have to try to find out the number of moles of water of crystallisation in a mole of hydrated sodium carbonate by heating the crystals. I have no idea how to do this experiment or how to work out the moles from the results. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jenkin replies: I will suggest an outline for this task but you will need to think out some of the practical details yourself. Essentially, you need to take a known mass of the crystals and heat them to drive off the water of crystallisation. A crucible or small evaporating dish would be a suitable vessel. Allow to cool and then reweigh. To ensure that all the water has been driven off you will need to heat again, allow to cool and weigh again, this to be repeated until the weight is constant. The calculation can be along these lines:

Mass of hydrated crystals: a grams

Mass of water of crystallisation (loss in mass of crystals): b

Mass of anhydrous sodium carbonate: (a – b)

Moles of anhydrous sodium carbonate, Na2CO3: (a – b) / molar mass: call this
d moles of Na2CO3)

Moles of H2O: b / molar mass: call this e moles of H2O

So now we know that d moles of Na2CO3 are combined with e moles of H2O and , therefore, that 1 mole of Na2CO3 will be combined with d / e moles of H2O.

The second part is titration, which I am still trying to research out. So far, no luck.. Going to look into my Chemistry Bible later for some enlightenment.


Evidently I trust most people will have known what means, judging from the major ruckus caused by a newspaper in Malaysia.

The unusual time and date has attracted little attention in Britain but Asia is excitedly counting down to the event. A Malaysian newspaper is challenging readers to send in a text message exactly at the time when the numbers are aligned.

Quoted from the Daily Mail newspaper.


Seriously, little things like this do we have to make a big commotion about until it appears in British newspapers?

Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer said, 'Astroleogers don't take too seriously earth time. We are much more interested in star time. But this Thursday is a relatively auspicious time for most people astrologically. 'If we see this moment as special, it's a way to remind us that every moment is special. It's a little spark into the insight of the mechanism which is greater than us.'


Another amazing date will arrive in another 72 years. At 12.34 on June 5 2078, it will be 12345678 - or 12:34 on 5/6/78.

How about June 6 2006 or 06/06/06? Some pregnant women due to give birth on that date are concerned that it chimes too closely with 666, the Biblical number of the beast, reports the tabloid.

Hmm, what will happen to babies born on that day? May them be blessed..


A dry breeze is blowing
The city is getting cold
I wonder how many seasons have passed
without even a sound?
All of the people coming and going
bear heavy burdens,
searching for tomorrow
within the heat haze wavering in the distance.

Feelings like sand
falling through my hands...
Back then, the words that pierced my heart
suddenly started to throb with pain, but...

I've searched for pieces of myself,
counting the endless nights all the while.
These feelings are becoming so certain
I almost lose myself.
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far.

I wonder, why is the sky so vast?
Even though I tried to yell,
my voice didn't come
and the tears poured out.

I wonder where the birds are flying off to,
as they freely slice through the wind?
One can't return to the same place
as it once was in days gone by.

Even if I give up my dream like this,
I won't suppress my soaring heartbeat.
Someday, I want to reach
as high as the clouds. [1]
I'll spread wide the wings in my heart and journey once again

I will reach it, without fail.

I've searched for pieces of myself,
counting the endless nights all the while.
These feelings are becoming so certain
I almost lose myself.
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far.

Alone (ED Theme - Gensoumaden Saiyuki)

The Meaning of Spring

Well, technically, spring was here around late March. But until recently, cow breeding didn't really pop out.. I was on the bus to Shrewsbury today and I saw .. black and white spotted cows!

Yay, finally the boring fluffy o' sheep that goes meehhhhhh and looks (no, it stares actually) at you when you walk by as if you were something .. out of the ordinary. I remember back in February, when I had to walk 1 mile to my friends' house.. the sheep(s) was just staring at me! I ran in front, they stared, I stopped and squatted, and then stood up again, and they were still staring, so I shouted,

"Oi! What you looking at?!" "Want to fight is it?!"


Damn that was funny, now imagine seeing a guy having a conversation with sheeps.

"Mehhhhh" (Echoes in the foreground)



"You know what, I don't understand what you guys are talking, nice day isn't it?"


"So you like eating grass huh, nice huh?"


Hahaha, I remember there was once, my friend was walking on that same road, then suddenly he saw a herd of sheep right in the middle of the road..Hahahaha.. Imagine trying to get past those smelly sheep.

So back to the topic. Now it's cow-time! Mooooooo.. the cows are so much more interesting than the ones back there. Oops, those were bulls.. kerbau.. whatever I don't know how to translate that.

Though, some people may not like cows but .. having seeing the fluffy sheep that looks like a fluff machine for 4 months, I sure would like some change in scenery. Well, the season of spring also brings more bird shit. (Crude language pardon me) Funny though I don't know why birds rarely do their business during winter. Now that it's warmer, the roads seem to be littred with more bird droppings than ever. Windows have it, Roof tiles has it, pavements has it, Heck even cars have it.

Not only that, it's the season where flying bugs and worms come out from sleeping or what ever they do during the winter. I just don't understand, where do they hide for 4-6 months? They give me the creeps really, buzzing around a place although I don't think I see anything that interests them other than a wooden pole or leaves.

Besides that, I'd like to mention something pleasing at least. It's the season where most ladies shed their cool looking thick jackets/coats/sweaters/overcoats etc and bare some skin. ^^ No, I do not mean old ladies, and no that does not mean I look at young girls either. It's just my "observation" from the many months that I've been here. It's brightening really, having seeing so much beauty in the streets and outside the college. Oh no, better stop here.

Well, don't forget that the season of spring/summer for most college students is the season of exams and exams. I have 2 practical exams in 3 weeks time, AS Mathematics exam papers in 4 weeks time, and AS Chemistry and AS Physics papers in 5 weeks time, which we head on to a 1 week break and then internal school exams for a week before I head off back to KL on June 24.

Woooo, what a nice season..