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AirAsia X

The freaky AirAsia X is flying to London.

Ok a couple details, Air Asia X are going to be using long haul Airbus A340-300 aircrafts, smaller than the long haul 747s that we are used to. Flight hours will probably not be that different. (A340 @ 883km/h v. 747@917km/h)

Then it comes to the point that we all hate Air Asia for. Seat pitch.

Traditionally they used to have a pathetic seat pitch of 28" (That's the distance between the back of your seat to the back of the seat in front of you, greater pitches equal comfort)

Malaysia Airlines has a generous seat pitch of 34" compared to SQ's 32". There're conflicting reports that AirAsia X will have a seat pitch of 31" or 32".

Their premium seats will have seat pitches equal to MAS's business seats of 60".

Ok, fair enough. Then we have the issue of pricing.

A return will cost rm499 + £99 (rm545) , rm 1044. Ok lah it sounds pretty cheap. Landing in Stansted grants you a cheaper airport tax compared to Gatwick and a lot cheaper compared to Heathrow.

So.. after tax and.. gasp, zero fuel surcharge (I dont know whether Air Asia X has it or not). I'm putting the price tag at 2.8-3.2k rm.

Sounds pretty much like flying Qatar Airways.

I'm just gonna diss AirAsia X because my back and legs had a bad experience flying with their silly 28" seats. What about pilot experience? Someone else please let me know how it feels like sitting 12/13 hours on that.

I'd rather take my chances on other airlines.

It's That Good

Hi guys, sorry I've been really quiet for about a month now.

I'm just gonna post this before i sleep.

When Fall Out Boy's latest album Folie Á Deux comes out in December, PLEASE BUY IT!
It's soooo magically good. really. it's that good.

Actually I've only heard two tracks,
I Don't Care and Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet. But these two alone are good enough to convince me that the whole album is musically excellent.

Ok, remember if you like it, I TOLD YOU SO!