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Didn't realise it's been THAT long since I last posted.


officially adding yasminetran to my blogroll ---> there.
she's so cute. and i love her DIY style. i rike! her ouhmaigoditssoclear pics n lolwtf poses make the viewing process SO much heartening.

her blog is damn lan yeng.
plus, she is damn lan cute. diu.



Tony Fernandes is probably the king of all lobangs.

Admin fee also can scrap, with RM6bil+ worth of debt, how can he still afford to cut corners? That's why he fainted the other week lah.

My Rating: SELL with a TP of RM1.02.

Market Summary:
The market's been a little erratic lately, with a prolonged correction lasting 7 days. Of course, that I'm not interested in, since I'm still bearish with a target CI of about 980 - 1020 (end July).

So in bear markets, the other only way to make chicken scratch is to look for short term gems. I've got 1 in hand (TOPGLOV 7113) right now which I'm heavily monitoring because of questionable movements. Wait till I sell it off first (when it hit my TP) then only I'll write about it.
In the meantime, if anybody can explain the massive SQ @ 6.50 for TOPGLOV, I'd be thankful. I suspect somebody's blocking the share from rising in preparation for something. It's been there the entire day, with lots of small volume 1-5 lot trades @6.50 in between bigger volumes of 100-200 @6.45. TCP (Theoretical Closing Price) was pushed up to 6.50 (smart move) with 500 lots done in the minute before the market was trading at Last.
Could the sharks be fishing? See tmrw first lah haha.

Where Are We Now

There's some good news to go around in these times.
Berjaya Sports Toto posts a 76.5% jump in YoY profit.
Hehe, this means, in bad times, people gamble 4D more often than never.
I haven't done much in 3 weeks. If I say I was busy you wouldn't believe me either. Go out a bit, part time car mechanic, part time stock fryer, part time mahjong player, part time kaki hang kai, part time futsal ball collector.
Plentiful ah.
But the thing I haven't done until now is to find a job. CV write until half only apa ni..hehe.

The London Log

I'm in London now.. enjoying a much warmer weather. Have I not repeated myself enough.. I like London so so much because it's a huge city.

Anyway, couple of brief updates.
Gonna leave tmrw morning for Heathrow at half seven in the morning. Then flight's at noon. Hopefully I'll touchdownnnnnnnnnnnnnnn at about 8am Tuesday at KLIA.



P.S: I think I should do those twit-twatting that's very the chiu lau heng now. Since it suits my lazy style.

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Behind The Fog of War

If you're like me you probably might not have noticed today was May 13.
Today I wouldn't want to talk about what happened in 69. Instead I'd rather talk about Perak. The papers say it pretty much.

The big shots at the top have been distancing themselves away from the issue in Perak. Anwar, whom I still have no trust for, has been quiet for somewhile now since the controversy that he's reshuffling PKR's leadership through a string of forced by-elections.

Today, Gerakan's Dr. Hsu Dar Ren, of a few men in the ruling coalition that I've got respect for, called for fresh polls. MCA's been pretty quiet as well, thanks (maybe) to lone ranger Datuk Seri Ong, if it was his predecessor from Kulai no one would have doubted that silence was the last thing on MCA's mind.

So as everyone puts it now, the situation's past the stage where the shit hits the fan. You know what, don't point the finger at Hee alone, how about the other two frogs that jumped as well?You see, in Perak, Pakatan had a flaw in Keadilan. I've got even more faith in PAS than in Keadilan mind you. From how I see it, PKR's the weakest link in Pakatan. Selangor's next after Perak, if the powers that be see fit.

Ok, back to Perak. I don't need to repeat the mantra that this has been damaging for the Royal Family, to both sides of the political divide, and for the state itself. It's like General Motors. Better stay away or it'll suck you in.

I don't need to repeat the point that an appeal was granted with efficiency that surpasses even the international courts. I don't need to repeat that a full judgment was passed and not an interim one. I don't need to repeat the all the skeletons in the closet that every hand that played a part.

What now? Malaysia Today disclosed that Vincent Tan (i don't understand why him again) had a role in this by paying Hee 25mil. I find that refutable, as 25mil is a large number. Why 25mil when 1mil can already do so much in Malaysia. You know what I'm talking about cuz if you're not don't call yourself a Malaysian.

The stakes here are the royalty, the rule of law, the principles of democracy, the partisan ways of the judiciary and the law enforcement branches. Might as well call ourselves Singapore if we fail this test.

It all goes back to who can clean this up, who has a wide support base. Anwar's been touted as the leading man who's going against the powers that be. But ask me and I'll say Ku Li's way better for the job than he is. That's right, Tengku Razaleigh. But that's for another day, when we get to hear the story of UMNO Team A vs UMNO Team B. That's the 20 year battle that's still ongoing until now.

Bye for now. Haha, that sounded like ESPN's gamecast commentary. I've gotta finish up revision for tomorrow's Accountancy exam.

Waking Up

The last time I scribbled something was sometime before Colours of Malaysia. It's a month past and I'm still able to recall all the days where I did something.

Exams are soon.
I've got to look for a flat.
And I need something more.

I want to get this off my heart.
She's becoming more and more beautiful with every passing glance.

Now that felt good.

- hmm, maybe i shouldn't have wrote that at the start. Psst, holidays were a blast!

The View From Back Then

Here's something interesting I dug out of the FT today.

Malaysian businessman Ananda Krishnan may have made money from the sale of his holding in the ExCel conference centre at the right time but may be less lucky with his gamble on stricken Johnston Press.

He bought a 20% stake in the regional paper group through his vehicle Usaha Tegas for £43m last year. One of Malaysia's richest men, Mr Krishnan is said to be an Anglophile, but may harbour cooler feelings after the bad news from Johnston boss John Fry drove the shares down to 5.62p, off 95% from a year ago.

Too bad.

The Blinking Light On That Dashboard

It's 3am and I'm up proofreading essays after compiling budgets for CoM and sending out emails. Talking to a senior in 3rd year made me contemplate changing to joint honours.

Think about this,
MA(Hons) Economics


MA(Hons) Economics and Business Studies!

Of course I am not talking about crap courses like marketing or management science. I'm talking about Finance, finance comes under BStudies at UoE so if I want to take Finance as a joint honour it'll have to be Business Studies.

The reason of this addition is because I am flinching at the thought of 5 modules of Economics next year. Taking up a joint subject will reduce it to 3 modules econs, 2 modules from Business and 1 optional.

I'll be able to follow a less vigorous course of Econometrics in 3rd year. Phew! Econometrics was not what I had in mind when I joined Economics.

Anyway, I'm going to arrange a meeting with my DoS. Don't you find it weird when you're here and you get a Japanese for your Director of Studies, hahaha I sure do. I've got..

let's see.. Principles of Finance, Management Science, Economics 2..

all the prerequisites.. for joint honours at the moment so I think that's possible to make a change that I'll be happier with.

Oh oh oh.
Did I tell you about my Econs project.
I'm supposed to prove CAPM holds for share returns of Monsanto, neh... that multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation that produces GM seeds, controls the global herbicide market and global GM seeds market. I'm using 1-yr US Treasury bills as risk-free returns, and monthly returns for 10-years, plot all this on a simple linear regression line using OLS, SCC look for t-stats and r-squared.

That's Econometrics 101 for you!

So hello Econometrics, and goodbye I dread seeing you next year.

ok, tty later i gotta finish the reading the essay cuz i wanna sleep now.


bloody shit, as you can see, the skin's screwed up.

I'll get to it on Monday after I come back from Concord.

It's February

One click, and a month whizzes past.
Two clicks, and soon comes Easter.

Three clicks, and another year gone.

What have I done?

HK is severely behind schedule. :(

The Earliest Bird

It's 5am and I can't sleep.

Geez, all this stuff in my head really has to go.

Btw, i'm back on Maplestory. Yeah yeah I know you haters out there ain't gonna let me go this time but I'm prepared for it!

Oh and, Happy Chinese New Year.


I've got a renewed interest in breaking. and popping!!

srsly, the prospects are too addictive.

So, now I've devised a plan for an intensive (for me lah) stretching and strength training routine everyday.

It's been 3 days nonstop that my muscles have been aching. You know, the type of sore that you get when u pull a muscle. Apart from that I've been practising on freezes, baby freeze done, chair freeze done!

that's the chair freeze by the way

alright alright, those weren't actually difficult to do.

But anyhoo it's something that I'm proud of achieving. With my academic life being pretty dull, and boring, I don't spend much time on it, instead I'm pouring myself all over society activities (joined a new society!), with the remainder going onto physical activities which I just picked up this semester.

I'm guessing the million dollar question here is, "Why are you doing this?"

Honestly, it's to make myself feel more confident about how i look. Breaking shapes confidence, and character. So hell, why don't I just try it instead of loofing around with lots of free time?

I'm also thinking of getting a driver's license here, and also the possibility of getting a term time job. I realise, being too idle is shit really. Like getting your ass handed to you.

Oops, in the process I let out my resolutions.

No, this year isn't a year for relationships like last year. I'm not feeling too upbeat 'bout that.
This year is for me. I'm sick of shit happening around me and I'm doing something about it now.

I'm Blogging Again!

From Glasgow this time!

I've thought of coming here because if I didn't I probably wouldn't have much time to go to Glasgow in the future anyway. And so my next 24 hours will be here slacking, and soaking up the bigcity feel.

Holidays are coming to an end and the flatmates are slowly returning. Funnily enough, they're all girls. *hint hint*

Ok alright alright, if I promise myself that this term will be different from last term, how different would it be?

Uno, are the spring holidays.
Rome? Florence? Milan? or Prague? Budapest? Vienna? or Greece?

The clock's ticking. Hehe.

P.S: Be back in Edinburgh tomorrow.

2009's Number One Post

*clap clap clap clap clap*

woooheyy happy new yyyeearr!!

First things first, resolutions.
not now.
hmm, sounds about right.

Ok here goes!

Can I say .. that the past week was awesomeee!!! !11!!1!111!111
Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Paris and Shrewsbury was beautifulicious.
I want I want I want to say that I cannot wait to go to Europe again.
I also can't believe it's nearly been a year since the reunion last February. Concord's changed a lot.

Interesting fact, did you know that you could ride for free on Brussels' metro and trams? Cool right! Actually I didn't know I had to pay for tickets, there weren't any barriers or anything just a couple machines which I assumed you had to timestamp your ticket. Heheh sneaky.

Another interesting fact!

I miss driving againnnnn aaaaaaahh the car my parents rented to drive in the UK was so good to drive in, I mean the gearbox was smooth, transmission was a doll and not to mention I kept within the speed limits for once (maybe because there were speed cameras and my personal speed limit was somewhere between 80-90 mph)!

Ok ok, trivial things aside.. I'll be back in my room tomorrow night. For some strange reason I somehow miss it.

Heh. Things are gonna change now.