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I've got a renewed interest in breaking. and popping!!

srsly, the prospects are too addictive.

So, now I've devised a plan for an intensive (for me lah) stretching and strength training routine everyday.

It's been 3 days nonstop that my muscles have been aching. You know, the type of sore that you get when u pull a muscle. Apart from that I've been practising on freezes, baby freeze done, chair freeze done!

that's the chair freeze by the way

alright alright, those weren't actually difficult to do.

But anyhoo it's something that I'm proud of achieving. With my academic life being pretty dull, and boring, I don't spend much time on it, instead I'm pouring myself all over society activities (joined a new society!), with the remainder going onto physical activities which I just picked up this semester.

I'm guessing the million dollar question here is, "Why are you doing this?"

Honestly, it's to make myself feel more confident about how i look. Breaking shapes confidence, and character. So hell, why don't I just try it instead of loofing around with lots of free time?

I'm also thinking of getting a driver's license here, and also the possibility of getting a term time job. I realise, being too idle is shit really. Like getting your ass handed to you.

Oops, in the process I let out my resolutions.

No, this year isn't a year for relationships like last year. I'm not feeling too upbeat 'bout that.
This year is for me. I'm sick of shit happening around me and I'm doing something about it now.

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