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Ah! Monkeys!

I'm getting pretty interested in the parliamentary debates that are going on.
Quoting a report from The Star

The insults started when Datuk Badruddin Amiruddin (BN – Jerai) accused
Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang of uttering allegedly seditious words. He
said the suggestion by Lim (DAP – Ipoh Timur) that the civil service was a
“Malay civil service” was ill intended.
“His asking why there are
nonon-Malay vice-chancellors can create ill-will among the people,” he said,
referring to Lim's speech in debating the motion of thanks on the King's opening
address on Wednesday. The Jerai MP argued that Malays had sacrificed much
for multi-racialism as they respected the concept and that it was Barisan
Nasional's principle. Lim said Badruddin was abusing the Standing Orders
by launching a tirade against him.
When Badruddin continued, Lim said:
“Do not let this become a taman binatang (zoo).” Datuk Raja Ahmad
Zainuddin Raja Ahmad (BN – Larut) then called Lim kepala segala binatang (head
of all animals). When Badruddin continued criticising, Lim said he was
useless and didn't have brains.
Badruddin shouted back at Lim, saying
he only had otak binatang (brain of an animal). Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah
Talib later intervened to bring the House under control, ruling that although
Lim's words could have been sensitive they were not seditious.

What is even more interesting what a search on Wikipedia on the Jerai MP turned out. I'm waiting for the Hansard to be available then I'll post an update on this.


There goes the money..

Original news item from http://tengchangkhim.blogspot.com

It seems that Teng Chang Khim, the Selangor Opposition Leader has made a point that the Selangor state government has failed to see that two of their GLCs have lost a total of RM286 million.

The 2 state owned companies, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd (KPS) and Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd (KHSB), recorded a pre-tax loss of RM 97,904,000.00 and RM 188,780,000.00 respectively for the year 2005, and as KPS is a subsidiary company of KHSB, total loss is RM 188,780,000.00.

The Selangor state investment arm that owns 53.1% of KPS shares, which in turn owns 52.07% of KHSB shares has to account to the public on why both companies had failed to perform in 2005 when Selangor enjoyed a 5.2% growth economically.

Read on there on who's the man behind the two companies. It's rather, perplexing.

Credit is given to http://tengchangkhim.blogspot.com for the original news and facts.

SPM results are today!, guess what I got..

I got 6As.. + A for 1119 . That's not good enough! I don't know why but I keep telling myself I've met my expectations, but I'm still upset. Sigh, everyone I ask today got like 10As minimum. That's crazy! .. So much competition, it's like making me feel like I'm one of the lousiest.

AS-exams. I think I need to buck up.