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Stop Hiding

Boy, was I slightly shocked to see this on the papers.
'PM: Improved economic performance and government efficiency'

To fare better than Germany, the kings of efficiency and speed, is something to celebrate about! Let's all vote for BN this coming election! Yeah! Hahaha what a little trick, to add the term '20 million' somewhere inside the article in hope of evading the eyes of the general public.

Alright, let's jump to the point I want to make, which Anwar has already made. Let me just translate this one section.

With reference to this World Competitiveness Yearbook as the PM has done, the reality is that Malaysia only sits on the 23rd position in the world. 15 of the 22 countries that are higher than Malaysia have a population less than 20 million, while 7 of the 22 exceed 20 million.

Malaysia's competitiveness ranking in 2006 is 22, while in '97 is 17.

So, in some way ex-PM Mahathir's self styled Corporate Governance of a country has worked in principle. You mismanage it, you mess it up. No it's not about race. It's about hierarchy, it's about the country, and you can't cover it up when it comes to publishing your annual report. It all ends up looking like a silly puppet show, with mud and sweets being thrown all around. Pathetic.

Okay, time for a butter toast!

Birthday Weekend!

This is a shoutout to all birthday celebratees here.

Happy Birthday to Sieu Theng! and in advance to both Chao Ying and Ket Ying! and way in advance to both Xiao Yan and Jon! and 4 days early to Christine! I wish all of you people a happy 918415th year!

I shouldn't reveal their ages publicly, but then again they're all older than me. Bwahahahaha. Damn old la you all old people.

Calvin & Hobbes

When was the last time anyone saw this? I absolutely loved them since young.

It's about 10 years ago or so, I remember this torned up Calvin & Hobbes book sitting on the cupboard and I'd flip through it for hours, along with Garfield and Doraemon. No I wasn't into manga last time the closest thing was probably Doraemon. Omg you should see the number of Doraemon comics I have, even the Cerita Panjang ones. Like Nobita & the Dinosaur, in Space on some star, on the Galaxy Express, inside the Earth with the primitive dinosaurs, with land of dogs, under the sea, omg I love those episodes.

Oh oh, and Usborne Solve It Mysteries, where you spend hours last time figuring out secret codes, looking for hazards and way outs, looking for clues, finding the bad guys, ahhhh!

Why do I reminisce so much about my childhood nowadays..? It's like I suddenly seem to realise the wonderfulness and all that fun which I've never appreciated much, which I am finding it more precious because there's less time for these things as we get older. Well at least, these thoughts of a little me having fun keeps me warm even on the shittiest Scottish days.

What a kid.

I Want Bugs!

I used to remember the olden days when Disney used to air pre-war Technicolor cartoons. Why don't they air it now it was such a fab last time!

There was the old Bugs Bunny, which was the best, I mean who shows Bugs nowadays! I miss all of them, Daffy Duck, Porky The Pig, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Marvin The Martian and the Tasmanian Devil. Speaking of which, I don't even remember seeing Donald, Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy anymore.

Poor ol' Yosemite.

And then there's little clips like Pigs in a Polka.

Sigh, the new age cartoons are so different. They revolve about crime-fighting, cool machines, evil villains, and NOT about mundane things like trying to catch/bash/kill/eat each other like Tom & Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety, Bugs and everyone else, or day to day activities like Goofy's never ending failure at work.

Oh and did you know Donald Duck never wore pants? What a perv!
Look at all that fluff.
Sigh, I miss the old times. Gimme Bugs back!

Another Record Broken

I should probably say this. Malaysia has unofficially broken the record for having the most supercentenarians in the world. Evidence indicates there're 4 120's and 4 119's. Not only that, we've broken the record for the world's oldest, which the current world record for is 114 years old!

So, what holds for us? This is a testament that

1. Our healthcare system rocks the roof. #1 in the world baby!
2. Malaysians are finally healthier than the Japanese, screw your ochas and sushi, have some
nasi lemak instead.
3. We can finally add this to our list of number ones, longest satay, longest pizza, longest pencil, tallest building, largest tea bag, longest serving ruler etc. As Wired puts it, we're number one in making/breaking records.


4. We've all been dummified by the EC.

Oh nevermind, who's going to take note anyway?
Source: darnmalaysia.com

It's Been A Long Time

My first morning after the flight in from London, and I was greeted with a 15 minute snowshower. Apparently, the weather in Scotland these few days were so cold that football matches are being called off because of frozen pitches, and construction work at the university library are temporarily suspended due to adverse weather conditions.

Omg right? It's been under 4 degrees for the past few days it feels so comfy to just stay cuddled up in bed. Hibernation!

Meeting up with pals again feels good, and it's back to normalism once again! (I don't think that's a real word, but whatever my vocab sucks anyway). I'm still at a loss of what to eat for snacks in the afternoon or late at night. Need a burger.. I need a burger so much right now.

Thank god for portable computers and modern entertainment systems, I can't imagine what I would do if I didn't have all these. Anyway that's for today. I'm gonna go pop the pizza into the oven now.

Oh by the way, been to slowcatchupkuan's blog today and well, has anyone seen this dog?


Apparently I was too lazy to even say that my blog's on holiday. Anyway, the flight's in about 11 hours time, and I'm having mixed feelings. Well, duh I love coming back here and it always sucks to go back there. But the weird thing is once I'm there, I enjoy myself =)

Ok, it's gonna be a long journey, but I'll just like to say that this blog, is back online!