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Stop Hiding

Boy, was I slightly shocked to see this on the papers.
'PM: Improved economic performance and government efficiency'

To fare better than Germany, the kings of efficiency and speed, is something to celebrate about! Let's all vote for BN this coming election! Yeah! Hahaha what a little trick, to add the term '20 million' somewhere inside the article in hope of evading the eyes of the general public.

Alright, let's jump to the point I want to make, which Anwar has already made. Let me just translate this one section.

With reference to this World Competitiveness Yearbook as the PM has done, the reality is that Malaysia only sits on the 23rd position in the world. 15 of the 22 countries that are higher than Malaysia have a population less than 20 million, while 7 of the 22 exceed 20 million.

Malaysia's competitiveness ranking in 2006 is 22, while in '97 is 17.

So, in some way ex-PM Mahathir's self styled Corporate Governance of a country has worked in principle. You mismanage it, you mess it up. No it's not about race. It's about hierarchy, it's about the country, and you can't cover it up when it comes to publishing your annual report. It all ends up looking like a silly puppet show, with mud and sweets being thrown all around. Pathetic.

Okay, time for a butter toast!

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