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Calvin & Hobbes

When was the last time anyone saw this? I absolutely loved them since young.

It's about 10 years ago or so, I remember this torned up Calvin & Hobbes book sitting on the cupboard and I'd flip through it for hours, along with Garfield and Doraemon. No I wasn't into manga last time the closest thing was probably Doraemon. Omg you should see the number of Doraemon comics I have, even the Cerita Panjang ones. Like Nobita & the Dinosaur, in Space on some star, on the Galaxy Express, inside the Earth with the primitive dinosaurs, with land of dogs, under the sea, omg I love those episodes.

Oh oh, and Usborne Solve It Mysteries, where you spend hours last time figuring out secret codes, looking for hazards and way outs, looking for clues, finding the bad guys, ahhhh!

Why do I reminisce so much about my childhood nowadays..? It's like I suddenly seem to realise the wonderfulness and all that fun which I've never appreciated much, which I am finding it more precious because there's less time for these things as we get older. Well at least, these thoughts of a little me having fun keeps me warm even on the shittiest Scottish days.

What a kid.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008 2:07:00 am

happy childhood always make u smile from the bottom of yr heart!!!

Younger age also happy ,like chinese words say*tian bu pah, di bu pah* the world is yrs..

so keep up yr hardwork and cheer up yr life...and take more picture (remember the camera? ) in yr uni life... next time u will smile and laugh from yr heart when u look at those older days pictures. Haha

Regards: Ipoh grace