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After reading Malaysian Insider's article on the eventual crackdown on bloggers, I wasn't surprised to see today's headlines where MCMC issued a directive to all 21 ISPs to block Malaysia Today. Thankfully the blog owners have started a mirror site here. As of now, only TM has complied with the instructions. The rest will probably follow soon enough.


I managed to dig out these.

Section 263:2 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 states that
"A licensee shall, upon written request by the Commission or any other authority,assist the Commission or other authority as far as reasonably necessary in preventing the commission or attempted commission of an offence under any written law of Malaysia or otherwise in enforcing the laws of Malaysia, including, but not limited to, the protection of the public revenue and preservation of national security."

Section 3:3 of the same act states that
"Nothing in this Act shall be construed as permitting the censorship of the Internet."

Point 7 in the MSC Malaysia Bill Of Guarantee states that the Malaysian Government promises to "ensure no Internet censorship".

Is there a class action suit in the making? I sense some fervent desperation and dissent in our administration. We cannot be like our socialist-capitalist brethrens whose democratic system, which I assumed there is one, is barely skeletal.

Jihad in Permatang Pauh?

Today we focus on a certain individual none other than Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Wanita UMNO deputy chief, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister for Women and Social Development Affairs, former Women, Family and Community Development Minister, former Pantai MP. She's certainly got some colour under her belt.

Before the Permatang Pauh by-election, The Star reported that Wanita UMNO declared it's campaign as jihad.

I'm not in this position to comment, but isn't jihad a little inappropriate, irrelevant, and over-the-head? Perhaps she's signalling that Wanita UMNO.. or indirectly, UMNO is desperate?

These are just a couple of personal attacks and threats that she made about Anwar, assuming the 'he' in her statement refers to Anwar.

“It is a jihad because this individual should not be given the chance to destroy the country’s political stability and prosperity.

“If we allow him to lead the country, he would lead us to destruction,”

From my understanding on politics, Anwar's just running for parliament. What's this about prime ministerialship?

Please enlighten me, Datuk. I'm afraid I'm not as knowledged as you are on this. Could she be implying that there's a mood of certainty that Anwar will be PM by Sept 16? But it couldn't be, because Mahathir and Muhammad Taib both said that Anwar couldn't get 30MPs.

With all this ruckus going on between Anwar and Najib, Abdullah's laughing all the way to the bank. Mahathir seems to have a personal grudge on his handpicked successors, and is contemplating leaving Malaysia for good if Anwar gets in, Khairy's poking about and is maintaining that Anwar is a tool of the Americans and will sell the country to them yada yada.

The drama seems to be getting better.

A Bigger Slap

I never bothered to care much about Permatang Pauh, but this time around there're a couple theories that are in play here in this by-election.

BN, probably poured a lot more money into this than they poured into Ijok to stop Khalid Ibrahim from entering. But the unofficial vote's in.

Anwar wins by an overwhelming majority of 16,210 votes., getting 26,646 beating Arif Shah's 10,436. Here's where I got it from.

This is in fact more than the last election majority of 13,388 that his wife, Wan Azizah took. Not only is this another defeat for BN, but another psychological defeat as the margin is increased even further.

Let's see what happens in the next couple of days.

Edit: Anwar got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah 15,524. Anwar wins by majority of 15,671.


And here's the next item on the news.

Avril's concert is cancelled WTF NIABET.

Not that I'm going but it's nice to have Avril come down to KL for a change instead of Alan Tam or Hacken Lee bullshit. Apparently we have approached a laima 奶妈 attitude similar to our southern brethrens, that our citizens have to be given tender love and care similar to babies, and that the concert being on the 29th of August is too close to the Merdeka festivities and Ramadan period, which spoils the Merdeka mood by corrupting young souls with pop and rock and whiteskin influences. Alan Tam is coming to Genting on Aug 22 and what he's singing is not pop? Don't bullshit me please.

As you can see, semua sebenarnya benci orang putih, little bit also protes sini protes sana. No need to give such a lousy reason hai mai?

Come on guys, she's probably one of the cleanest artists from the West.

For the conspiracy theorists.. maybe the ministry decided that they'd like to give Anwar the upper hand by frustrating many youngsters' hopes of seeing Avril, whom in return will direct their anger towards the federal government, hence creating a lot of emo votes for Anwar. For all you know Anwar brokered a deal with Shafie a couple nights before to cancel Avril's concert just to get votes.

Or maybe Shah Alam was the wrong place to hold a concert. Maklumlah, the place itself is devoid of entertainment outlets. Patutlah bangkang. Even Genting also don't want to be in Selangor land.

The bottom line is..
Don't give them Singaporeans, Thais, and bastard shoelicking Malaysians anymore reason to laugh at us! Guess where're they gonna go if Malaysia's not gonna let them perform? Boohoo poor little KL's gonna be left in the dust.

You don't give your neighbours the opportunity you dumb shits!

Ok la end post. Another emo moment after Lee Chong Wei gets owned at the finals (emo MAX) and proceeds to Permatang Pauh, either through foolish choices or manipulation,(emo dikompaunkan x1000) to get his rm300k on a jet provided by the MoD.

Edit: It's on after all, at Stadium Merdeka. Woooooooooop!

Pretty Good Lessons

Just got back from Genting yesterday, and on the way down I thought of making a list of great tracks.

Not your everyday radio hit.

Yeah that's what I'm talking about. You know I'm a freak for techno, dance, electronica and eurobeat.

I've been going on a 3-month streak listening to Mandarin/Cantonese /Korean/Japanese east asian pop. So it's about time I get back to these babies.
So here goes, a rookie's top 15 tracks (because these are just too good), in reverse order from #15 -> #1

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
Mr Bronkz - Knock (T-Headz aka. Tobb C. Remix)
Benny Benassi - Put Your Hands Up
Eurofunk - Stop To Give Up
Alphazone - Flashback
Ayla - Ayla Part II (Radio Mix)
Stonebridge ft Isabel - Chlorophilia
IKON - Breaking (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
Booty Luv - Dance Dance
Barbara Tucker - Love Vibrations (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Ganjaguru - Basscontrol
Kreo - Burn For You
Global Deejays - One Night In Bangkok (Club Mix)
Global Deejays - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Royal Gigolos Club Mix)


There's a reason why Global Deejays are #1 and #2 . You see I first heard this tune a couple days ago, and it's addictive. Partly because my library lacks a little electronica fusion, and partly because the benny benassi effect is just epic.

Ok, tamat.

Now all you'll have to do is be a good girl, and wait for the next post.

Shorty Geddit

Shorty had them apple bottom jeans
Boots with the fur
The whole club was looking at her
She hit the flo'
Next thing you know
Shorty got low low low low low low low low

Them baggy sweat pants
And the Reeboks with the straps
She turned around and gave that big booty a smack
She hit the flo'
Next thing you know
Shorty got low low low low low low low low

This used to be the shits.

But.. change song NOW.
Because I heart it everywhere I go.
And I've been listening to it for about 5 months straight now.
On the radio, at the pasar malam, on my mate's phone, at the shops, the clubs, EVERYHHHWHERE.

It's one thing to be a hit, another to be a big pain in the ass.

So I liked it when I first heard it back in March or so. Then when I got back in May the radio stations started to play it as a hit, then the clubs, then the pasar malams, then people started requesting for it.


Seriously, this thing is old school.
Time for some Epiphany.

By T-Pain.
or some Akon and Kardinal Offishall.

Hopefully Hitz.FM / Fly FM reads this and starts playing some T-Pain.
Especially this wicked tune.

or this.

Cherish ft Yung Joc - Killa

get on wit it and stop playing Low. It's getting too much bloody airtime. Besides, RnB nights suck. Slow beats, lousy remixes, and all you do on the dance floor is mash a couple bodies up while shaking your ass .. or hips.. or boobees.

Btw, check this out. Is that a babe in photo #2. OMG HELLO HOW ARE YOU?

Sigh, all the pok pok chui girls are clubbing. I'll go to KL clubs when I'm 20 next year.

Let Me Just Trace U Back

We go.. today to the start of the uh.. holiday season back in May.

Ui! Freaking fast my holiday 60% gone d..

I vaguely remember May, except for SS2 sunshine buns, Puchong dimsum, couple of futsal sessions, one K session and a couple rounds of mamak and watching My Wife Is A Gambling Maestro.

Cheung Ka-Fai might have lost a bit of his touch but he's still fai.

June was Euro month.

Ah plus Ben was back mid-June. Blur blur blur.. futsal, movie, and the big Perhentian blast. Then movie futsal futsal futsal futsal futsal futsal movie and Ben goes away.

And that was about 3 weeks ago.

Boohoooooo time flies..

I'm not mentioning the serious stuff that I did during the summer. Like uh.. going for AGMs, attending a launch, getting my first paycheck, learning about technical analysis, researching the local property market, studying the KLDP2020 ops.

Anyhoos, as the days flow nearer towards September, I have this dreadyish feeling that I always have before I leave somewhere. So I have to prepare myself mentally. Mmmm..

Never mind. I'll just stare at this emo poster of Stephy and Alex which I kinda like.
Why my posts so uncohesive one..sigh.

The Routine Haircut

If you haven't noticed anything you must be
i. New.
ii. Blind.
iii. Ignorant.
iv. Too cool to notice.

or this blog didn't matter to you.

Anyhoo I've got a whole lot of posts that I've planned out in drafts.

It might come as sudden to me and you but blogging to me is not something constant that I oblige myself to, especially during the holidays where I have better things to do than to be cooped up in my room. But it's probably about 3 months into my summer holiday and I'm really bored now. So yeah.. back to routine stuff, this included.

Pssst I'm gonna let you in on something.
.. The next few posts will be about my holiday so far!
.. Suspens leh!


I've decided to go with a new direction with this blog. And that direction will be.. towards development, property, business and all that moolah. All this because I'm starting to gather research and knowledge about the business world with summer approaching an end.

And as I learn, I'll write a post about it so that my 1 or 2 readers will hopefully benefit from it as well haha.

So.. expect a post in a day or so!

*runs off*