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Shaky Shoulders

There are times when humanity looks back at their decisions and wonder whether it was right in the first place. Am I repeating that mistake?

When I first felt the urge to be take on posts of power, there was an aura of determination and confidence all about. That was 5 months back in December. Now, as I write it, I am not writing it with the aforementioned aura. 5 months later, I am nervous.

To understand the situation, I'll have to let you know a bit about my past. Back then, I was a nobody. Ordinary student with academic results at the back of the first class. Never a prefect. Never a librarian. Not a good sportsman either. Substitute for football and basketball games. Only took part in the march past. No society positions. My greatest achievement? Being a committee member in a fund-raiser project in high school, scoring 7As in SPM and ABBac in A-levels.

Now after 19 years, I suddenly felt the need to step up in society. Secretary for the Buddhist Society. Great. Running for the post of Vice President in the Edinburgh Malaysian Students Association. What next? A union post?

Axxu, which happens to be a great person, once told me, it doesn't matter whether you lose or win this election, the difference is that you were bold enough to step up to the challenge. This piece of wisdom, is what keeps me going right now, when I feel like giving up.. like last time. I never ran for posts because I wasn't bold enough, I didn't sign up to be a prefect because I thought I couldn't handle the job. I never even tried.

I am trying now, and I sure as hell am not going to let my weakness show.

P.S: I call upon divine assistance for tomorrow's EMSA AGM, and Monday's Economics exam which I still have 14 chapters to cram. *crosses fingers*

Midway Exam Strategy

This problem has been around since forever. Here's how it goes graphically,

Aiya I forgot to add the axes.

The graph shows concentration vs time, so as normal people are, my concentration goes up as I approach an exam.
About a couple of weeks beforehand I usually start preparing notes and get a good understanding of the uh.. subjects.

Here's a hypothetical situation. There are 3 papers in my finals.

  1. A week before the first paper.
  2. 3 nights before the first paper.
  3. The morning of the first paper. Damn tense because first exam, you know, the oommph, the momentum.
  4. Right after the first paper.
  5. 3 nights before the 2nd paper.
  6. 2 nights before the 2nd paper. I forgot to add another one right after it but that's the night before.
  7. The morning of the 2nd paper.
  8. Who doesn't slack after their papers right?
  9. The cycle starts again.
  10. Notice the concentration rises at a higher rate than before the 2nd paper. Going back soon! Final push!
  11. Climax aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

You see, the problem is that I am a sloth in the middle of my exams. Henceforth today I've devised a strategy called the Midway Exam Strategy to 'provide a temporary much-needed boost' for my second exam. Here's the projected result if it succeeds.
Right after the initial slump, the MES will successfully prop up concentration levels to provide a supernormal rate of increase. Great success.

The contents of the MES are uh.. not known because I haven't gotten to plan it yet. In fact I think I'll only manage to complete the plan after my second exam next Monday, which .. won't be of any use anymore because then it wouldn't be midway, and that if I do get down to it but I won't because the exam's 4 days away. So essentially, planning the MES is useless.. because.. then it wouldn't be helping out my second exam when it is supposed to, or would it?


So.. did I just waste 20 minutes typing this?

B is for..

Bye Business!
My paper is ... over! Yay!


I'm so gonna fail this.

But no.. I have to have the confidence.

Ah yes, confidence is what stirs up girls, no?

However when you look at 765 pages in the business textbook, you instantly reflect upon yourself and ask, "What the flying fuck did you do over the last week?!"

Sigh, I really hope I can pass this paper.

Anyway, just a sidenote, I'm running for posts in EMSA and Buddhist Soc! This marks the start.. or rather the beginning of awesome me. The HK legacy hence begins.

A second note: I'm actually going bonkers in my own room because of these exams. Need prescriptions, or sedatives, or someone to pay me 100pounds per chapter. Please? I need the incentive =)


I'm bored.
Very bored.

Because all I did and am going to do is study.
Wake up. Eat. Study. Eat. Study. Sleep.
For about 22 days.

Besides, I'm feeling munchy at the moment.

Munch munch.


Eh your blog die already ah? or Why haven't you been blogging? are the brightest questions to ask me at this moment. Truth is, I didn't have the time to sit down with a clear head and just type. Not before, not now, and not in the coming month.

I have 27 days till the flight to KL.

and I'm absolutely thrilled at the thought of it. 9 days to the 1st exam, 6 days to the 2nd and another 9 days before the final exam.

An 18-week holiday. O M G!

Besides, the brightened greens outside the window now instantly warp me to memories of home. I should probably sit outside in the Meadows and take in the occasional seagull call. Why's there so much literary I don't know. Right now, all I'm yearning for is the smell, heat and humidity of the godblessed Malaysian air.

To 18 weeks of bliss. Hell yeah.

It Happened In 384 Hours

The last time a post went up, there was David, David and Jun and Shaun. Shaun left for Aberdeen a day after CoM. Soon after, one David went back to Loughborough. Then XY came up on the 24th, and now she's in Spain. Fast forward nearly 2 weeks, and Jun goes back to Glasgow. In under a week from now, David goes back to Oxford after crashing with me for 5 weeks.

and by then, I'll be a lonely man/boy.

When that happens, I'll be counting down the gloomy days to KL. 9 days to my 1st exam on the 22th, 6 days from then to my 2nd exam, and another 9 days to my 3rd exam, and a final 2 days before I haul my ass to Paul's place in London.

and that marks the end of my first year in university.

I need a pint now. Pints are the teh tarik in this side of the planet heheheh.