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It Happened In 384 Hours

The last time a post went up, there was David, David and Jun and Shaun. Shaun left for Aberdeen a day after CoM. Soon after, one David went back to Loughborough. Then XY came up on the 24th, and now she's in Spain. Fast forward nearly 2 weeks, and Jun goes back to Glasgow. In under a week from now, David goes back to Oxford after crashing with me for 5 weeks.

and by then, I'll be a lonely man/boy.

When that happens, I'll be counting down the gloomy days to KL. 9 days to my 1st exam on the 22th, 6 days from then to my 2nd exam, and another 9 days to my 3rd exam, and a final 2 days before I haul my ass to Paul's place in London.

and that marks the end of my first year in university.

I need a pint now. Pints are the teh tarik in this side of the planet heheheh.

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Friday, April 11, 2008 4:46:00 pm

yeah gimme a pint. i need it