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Everyone Wants To Be Us

The last two weeks were a blackout moment. Looking back at it, it passed, real fast. Somehow preparations for CoM came and gone with a snap. My room was maxed beyond capacity for about 4 nights or so, and I was burning money as if it was hell money. There was much alcohol involved, and so much good fun like freeflow beer.

And there are only 49 more days, exactly 7 weeks till the day I fly back home for the summer holidays.

Easter holidays has already started, and effectively my first year of studies has ended. Right after easter, it's exam season and I proudly say that I have the earliest finals, starting on the 22nd of April, and ending on May 7th.

I've already found a flat for next year, staying with Michelle, Stephanie, Lindsey and Adrian at a great place. and Amsterdam's already calling my name. It's my first trip to Europe, and that without my family as well, so it's a completely new experience to me.

My friends and family have all been a blessing to me, assimilating to different social groups certainly took it's time but it's great now, and I'm loving every bit of it. I love my family, my friends both in KL and various cities in the UK and worldwide, my adopted home/city, my birthcity (KL, born and raised yo!)

Never have I been feeling so guilty and yet blissful at the same time. Is this what mentally breaking into adulthood feels like? I've never felt such liberation before, but it sure feels ecstatic.

In short, life just turned fun.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008 8:03:00 am

always and forever , there is a place called Bukit Jalil with the 5 dearest ppl keep on *zhu fu ni ,xiang lian ni*.don forget us ...hor hor ...

a bit *sam tong* is the Paun u are spenting now....not Ringgit.... still the old sentence:: *han de sai nah*

Regards: Ip grace