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Didn't realise it's been THAT long since I last posted.


officially adding yasminetran to my blogroll ---> there.
she's so cute. and i love her DIY style. i rike! her ouhmaigoditssoclear pics n lolwtf poses make the viewing process SO much heartening.

her blog is damn lan yeng.
plus, she is damn lan cute. diu.



Tony Fernandes is probably the king of all lobangs.

Admin fee also can scrap, with RM6bil+ worth of debt, how can he still afford to cut corners? That's why he fainted the other week lah.

My Rating: SELL with a TP of RM1.02.

Market Summary:
The market's been a little erratic lately, with a prolonged correction lasting 7 days. Of course, that I'm not interested in, since I'm still bearish with a target CI of about 980 - 1020 (end July).

So in bear markets, the other only way to make chicken scratch is to look for short term gems. I've got 1 in hand (TOPGLOV 7113) right now which I'm heavily monitoring because of questionable movements. Wait till I sell it off first (when it hit my TP) then only I'll write about it.
In the meantime, if anybody can explain the massive SQ @ 6.50 for TOPGLOV, I'd be thankful. I suspect somebody's blocking the share from rising in preparation for something. It's been there the entire day, with lots of small volume 1-5 lot trades @6.50 in between bigger volumes of 100-200 @6.45. TCP (Theoretical Closing Price) was pushed up to 6.50 (smart move) with 500 lots done in the minute before the market was trading at Last.
Could the sharks be fishing? See tmrw first lah haha.

Where Are We Now

There's some good news to go around in these times.
Berjaya Sports Toto posts a 76.5% jump in YoY profit.
Hehe, this means, in bad times, people gamble 4D more often than never.
I haven't done much in 3 weeks. If I say I was busy you wouldn't believe me either. Go out a bit, part time car mechanic, part time stock fryer, part time mahjong player, part time kaki hang kai, part time futsal ball collector.
Plentiful ah.
But the thing I haven't done until now is to find a job. CV write until half only apa ni..hehe.

The London Log

I'm in London now.. enjoying a much warmer weather. Have I not repeated myself enough.. I like London so so much because it's a huge city.

Anyway, couple of brief updates.
Gonna leave tmrw morning for Heathrow at half seven in the morning. Then flight's at noon. Hopefully I'll touchdownnnnnnnnnnnnnnn at about 8am Tuesday at KLIA.



P.S: I think I should do those twit-twatting that's very the chiu lau heng now. Since it suits my lazy style.

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