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This post has been dedicated to my beloved music companions, good friends, and comrades-in-battle, my little earphones.

To date, 2 3 of them have died for the cause, that is, for me to listen to good music.

Casualty #1 - Apple iPod earphones
Damage Cost : USD ??? (it came with the iPod)
Cause of Death : Dismemberment leading to unfunctionable parts.
Remaining Functioning Parts : Right-side Earphone
This is was my first earphone. Generic earphones for the Apple iPod. I don't quite remember this fella, only that it has done it's job perfectly, until when it split into two.

Casualty #2 - dunno-what-model Philips in-ear headphones
Damage Cost : MYR 30.00
Cause of Death : Permanent Body Displacement.
Remaining Functioning Parts : Left Ear-phone.
I remember this one, having come with an extender, and stretchable wires, and also a volume adjuster! All went fine until when I was listening to it while shooting arrows during archery lessons. The soft rubbery thingy got caught while the bow-string was released. Wham, I felt a whipping feeling to my neck and goodbye earphones! Managed to scavenge the extender though.

Casualty #3 - dunno-what-model Philips earphones
Damage Cost : £7.50 incl VAT
Cause of Death : Connection Failure
Remaining Functioning Parts : None.
This one died a few days ago. I don't really know why it died, but I suspect it's because both it's wires came loose inside the protective layer. It played pretty good sounds surprisingly, and rather pissed me off when it stopped working. Oh well, goodbye!

Replacement - unknown-model Creative earphones
Cost : £0.01 (that's right, 1p)
Cost incl Postage : £4.51
I bought this from Amazon's Marketplace. Freakin' Amazon decided to set the postage fee at £4.50. Sigh, oh well, of all I've tried so far I'm pretty amazed with the quality of this earphone, stylishly designed with sleek plastic coating, state-of-the-art phonics, truly amazing. How else would I rate something that I bought for 1p/ 6.8 friggin' Malaysian Cents?!

I'll always remember you, my beloved earphones, always playing sweet music into my ears, feeding them, taking care of them, entertaining them, yadayadayada.. Ahhh, what a sad moment! Now off you go into the rubbish bin.=P

In reply..

In response to Ben and SieuTheng's posts bragging about their rooms, this is my humble little room.

My room - G22!!

This was taken the afternoon after a birthday party and a day out in town. Notice the food and the balloon. =P

The towel's not supposed to be there..

My shoes (neatly arranged by the cleaner) and a little desk.

So messy!
Ok a few notes about my room.
  1. It functions as a bedroom, partly a common room, a storeroom.
  2. Probably a quarter of the things there.. aren't really mine.
  3. Food lasts less than 1.5 weeks in my room.
  4. On Saturday nights, it gets really messy. Usually, around 4-5 people cram into one room with comps playing games.
  5. Sunday mornings usually start with me waking up and realising my room is messed up.
  6. My door's not locked whenever I'm in the room. (including my sleeping time)
Here you go! My littleeee rooooom. and Ben and Jin's been complaining about my boring posts. T.T

A look at reality

I really have to direct you to this webpage.

My dad once told me, the implications of the short-term capital control measure that the then government took and praised itself so much for doing so, while leaving out the option of going long-term with possible IMF help, are absolutely.. disastrous.

One point with assistance from IMF is that it comes with strings attached. It usually comes with the country seeking assistance to change monetary and economic policies, such in this case, possibly having to change, race-based policies such as the NEP. Probably, the then government, has fears for changing policies like that because of
i. big powerhouses in the ruling race party UMNO losing power/money
ii. fear of losing votes for abolishing the infamously popular NEP
iii. Some MPs in the parliament have gave hints every now and then of a racial uprising if the racial balance is upsetted.

However looking at future shocks, one particularly worries me, which is in the instance of a Chinese economy overheating due to it's bubble-like growth. Although the UN has left us out of their report on vulnerability in Asian economies, I think vigilance needs to be there because however strong the rebound SEA governments have claimed to have, it has still not reached pre-1997 levels, even after 10 years. Particularly our country.


I'm glad that you've found one, I'm also glad that you're enjoying life. Good for you. =)
So, although I'm here pondering over myself, I'm making my way through life, now two steps at a time...Life is actually pretty enjoyable really, and I owe it all to my friends, and family who made it work.

Thank you everyone. I love you guys.

End of Holiday.. soon!

Officially, it's coming to an end. Aaaaah!!

Ring the bells, ring the bells!!

Reflecting back on myself during this holiday.. what have i done? Almost 60 hours of gaming, screwed up my body clock, while studying and exercising? So little, it's almost negligible.

Hmmph, got to get back to studying already~

On a sidenote i saw in the news that two new holidays have been set in M'sia. One on the 26th of April and another on May 2.

Ok, the installation of the King, i can understand the importance, but.. May 2(in accordance with Labour Day and Wesak Day falling on the same day)? That is just plain lazy.

I looked up the Holidays Act 1951, and the only section I could find that has relation to any of this was under this.

Section 8 - Minister may appoint special days to be observed as bank or public holidays

The Minister may, by notification of the Gazette or in such other manner as he thinks fit, appoint, in respect of Peninsular Malaysia, or the Federal Territory or, after consultation with the State Authority, in respect of a State, a day to be observed as a public holiday or a bank holiday in addition to, or in substitution for, any of the days mentioned in the Schedules and thereupon this Act shall, in Peninsular Malaysia, or in the Federal Territory, or in the state in respect of which a day is appointed to be observed as a holiday as aforesaid, be applicable to such day in the same manner as if the said day had been mentioned in the First Schedule or the Second Schedule, as the case may be.
Law, to me is always all about teeny-weeny details, like the extremely long sentence that can barely make sense to me unless i read it slowly. Not the subject for me anyway, all this legal thingy. Bleh.

Back to the topic, I feel, that all these extra holidays act as a suppressant for labour productivity. One, it makes them feel lazier, and two, it pampers them, that they complain to the government every time something rises, after how much has been offered to them in the past in form of civil servant pay rises, incentives, tax hikes, subsidies by the previous administrative government. With the number of holidays in a year, if counted correctly, including state holidays, it could be a major reason why people are not working into maximum efficiency.

Food Parcel!

It takes so painstakingly long to upload just one picture, hence the delay in posting.. haha =p

I opened the parcel about 5 days ago.. and out came this.. one of my favourite foods.. SPRINGROLLWITHCHICKENFLOSS!! -drool-

Foooood.. however, the parcel is now.. only half full. Because of my gluttony whenever it comes to fav-ed food. Hmmph.

Here's the picture of the erm.. sticky thing. err... glutinous rice! yeah, that thing!

I thought something wrong happened to it at first, because it was just .. hard. Then after 4 minutes of microwaving, it became soft and elastic! It still tasted okay, althought I think the taste was slightly off.

Ahh.. m'sian food.

April Fool's Day Update!


My first update in about 2 weeks.. what should I say? Had exams last 2 weeks so I couldn't update anything at all.

Plus! It's..
Day 4 of the 18 days easter holiday! and I'm dead bored.

Spent the last few days playing computer games and maintaining the RO server. Maybe , I think i'll play poker tonight =P. Ah, the RO server, here's a rough piece of information on it.

Total time spent: approx 18 hours over a time span of 3 days(on setting up the server)
Server description: eAthena SVN Revision 10060 [Stable] with mySQL database.
In-game server description:
Rates : 600x base/job
Max lv : 200
Max stats : 150 (might change it)
Available jobs : All 1-1,1-2, 2-1,2-2, and 2-2a jobs (Gunslinger, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator, Ninja, Taekwon)
Available maps : All maps in Rune-Midgard + All available maps in Schwaltzvalt Republic (Lighthalzen + Somatology Lab, Einbroch & Einbech, Juno, Hugel, Rachel, Juperos, Jawaii, Odin's Temple, and Thanatos Tower)

That's basically about it. =P

I received a parcel from home around 3 days ago.. but that's another post. =P