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Food Parcel!

It takes so painstakingly long to upload just one picture, hence the delay in posting.. haha =p

I opened the parcel about 5 days ago.. and out came this.. one of my favourite foods.. SPRINGROLLWITHCHICKENFLOSS!! -drool-

Foooood.. however, the parcel is now.. only half full. Because of my gluttony whenever it comes to fav-ed food. Hmmph.

Here's the picture of the erm.. sticky thing. err... glutinous rice! yeah, that thing!

I thought something wrong happened to it at first, because it was just .. hard. Then after 4 minutes of microwaving, it became soft and elastic! It still tasted okay, althought I think the taste was slightly off.

Ahh.. m'sian food.

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  The Sim

Sunday, April 08, 2007 6:00:00 pm

lin gou isit that thing. u good la can send food. send to aus kena rampas and buang. btw la send food can last so long meh, use DHL?