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A look at reality

I really have to direct you to this webpage.

My dad once told me, the implications of the short-term capital control measure that the then government took and praised itself so much for doing so, while leaving out the option of going long-term with possible IMF help, are absolutely.. disastrous.

One point with assistance from IMF is that it comes with strings attached. It usually comes with the country seeking assistance to change monetary and economic policies, such in this case, possibly having to change, race-based policies such as the NEP. Probably, the then government, has fears for changing policies like that because of
i. big powerhouses in the ruling race party UMNO losing power/money
ii. fear of losing votes for abolishing the infamously popular NEP
iii. Some MPs in the parliament have gave hints every now and then of a racial uprising if the racial balance is upsetted.

However looking at future shocks, one particularly worries me, which is in the instance of a Chinese economy overheating due to it's bubble-like growth. Although the UN has left us out of their report on vulnerability in Asian economies, I think vigilance needs to be there because however strong the rebound SEA governments have claimed to have, it has still not reached pre-1997 levels, even after 10 years. Particularly our country.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007 1:34:00 pm

lanjiao.....so boring this article. we want your life news!


Sunday, April 22, 2007 4:44:00 am

blog about ur lifela...babi..u in england know malaysia better than those whom are here...especially me....dun carela...get ur degree...come back..venture a business with me and ben and the rest..be billionaire..take over the3 country using economic influence..haha...let's fix malaysia