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End of Holiday.. soon!

Officially, it's coming to an end. Aaaaah!!

Ring the bells, ring the bells!!

Reflecting back on myself during this holiday.. what have i done? Almost 60 hours of gaming, screwed up my body clock, while studying and exercising? So little, it's almost negligible.

Hmmph, got to get back to studying already~

On a sidenote i saw in the news that two new holidays have been set in M'sia. One on the 26th of April and another on May 2.

Ok, the installation of the King, i can understand the importance, but.. May 2(in accordance with Labour Day and Wesak Day falling on the same day)? That is just plain lazy.

I looked up the Holidays Act 1951, and the only section I could find that has relation to any of this was under this.

Section 8 - Minister may appoint special days to be observed as bank or public holidays

The Minister may, by notification of the Gazette or in such other manner as he thinks fit, appoint, in respect of Peninsular Malaysia, or the Federal Territory or, after consultation with the State Authority, in respect of a State, a day to be observed as a public holiday or a bank holiday in addition to, or in substitution for, any of the days mentioned in the Schedules and thereupon this Act shall, in Peninsular Malaysia, or in the Federal Territory, or in the state in respect of which a day is appointed to be observed as a holiday as aforesaid, be applicable to such day in the same manner as if the said day had been mentioned in the First Schedule or the Second Schedule, as the case may be.
Law, to me is always all about teeny-weeny details, like the extremely long sentence that can barely make sense to me unless i read it slowly. Not the subject for me anyway, all this legal thingy. Bleh.

Back to the topic, I feel, that all these extra holidays act as a suppressant for labour productivity. One, it makes them feel lazier, and two, it pampers them, that they complain to the government every time something rises, after how much has been offered to them in the past in form of civil servant pay rises, incentives, tax hikes, subsidies by the previous administrative government. With the number of holidays in a year, if counted correctly, including state holidays, it could be a major reason why people are not working into maximum efficiency.

3 people said this sucked:

  The Sim

Friday, April 13, 2007 7:45:00 am

holidays are kind of incentives, motivation-boosters in my opinion. but governmental sector, u can't boost their motivation no matter what la.... their pay too low for one matter.

as for our private sector, i'm very proud as we have long working hours and our workers are more efficient than australia ones(at the expense of courtesy). so holiday or no holiday, no difference, anyway my comment off topic wan

  Jonathan Lim

Saturday, April 14, 2007 8:52:00 pm

hey brit kid. when u headed back to kl?

bring me back keira knightly ait.
ok babye.


Monday, April 16, 2007 3:29:00 pm

the sim: haha, well i'm not too sure about it being an incentive. That's if it's given on an appreciative basis. In this case it seems more appropriate to be saying that it makes everyone feel lazy.

jon: my flight's on the 27th of june and dude! i can't bring back keira knightly~ besides, she ain't that hot to me anyway.