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April Fool's Day Update!


My first update in about 2 weeks.. what should I say? Had exams last 2 weeks so I couldn't update anything at all.

Plus! It's..
Day 4 of the 18 days easter holiday! and I'm dead bored.

Spent the last few days playing computer games and maintaining the RO server. Maybe , I think i'll play poker tonight =P. Ah, the RO server, here's a rough piece of information on it.

Total time spent: approx 18 hours over a time span of 3 days(on setting up the server)
Server description: eAthena SVN Revision 10060 [Stable] with mySQL database.
In-game server description:
Rates : 600x base/job
Max lv : 200
Max stats : 150 (might change it)
Available jobs : All 1-1,1-2, 2-1,2-2, and 2-2a jobs (Gunslinger, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator, Ninja, Taekwon)
Available maps : All maps in Rune-Midgard + All available maps in Schwaltzvalt Republic (Lighthalzen + Somatology Lab, Einbroch & Einbech, Juno, Hugel, Rachel, Juperos, Jawaii, Odin's Temple, and Thanatos Tower)

That's basically about it. =P

I received a parcel from home around 3 days ago.. but that's another post. =P

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007 2:57:00 pm

dude you made an RO server?
I want to play!!

How's everything over there?
Exam's good?


Saturday, April 07, 2007 11:33:00 pm

haha maybe when I get back in July I'll set up the server lerr =D.

Exams? .. they're coming realll soon but i haven't done much yet.. =P