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Pulling Through

I've got a last minute boost of motivation.

By Friday evening I'll be walking the streets of London. Saturday, I'll be waiting at the airport. Come Sunday morning.. I'll be having dim sum in Sri Petaling.


Hanging Out.
Cheap food.
Lots of cheap food.
Shopping Malls.
Traffic jams.
Too hot weather.
Smell of grass and trees.

Sex and Men

With all the hoohaa about the issue that Rais Yatim brought up regarding travelling single women having to ask for consent blablabla.. I'm having a good laugh at the whole thing.

Women all over the country are probably going to have an out-of-time period this month after hearing this news and what I have to say about it.

Call me a egoistic/masochistic/sexist pig if you want to, my opinion remains my own. Yes, I know I'm only 19/still inexperienced/ haven't gone into the real life/ haven't seen the world/ dumb. Besides, it's only what I think of it, so why take it out of context? So, please READ this carefully, or else don't even bother wasting your prospective 3 minutes reading the following paragraphs.

I'm going to generalise here. Women.. are dumb. Dumb as heck. Men intelligence and wit fairly surpasses women intelligence. This is why, men have natural dominance. Males lead the pack, hunt for food, feed the family and fight for their values. You feminists are bloody stuck up. If you argue that women should be given equal rights, tell that to the fucking animals ok? Don't tell that to us men.

However, that's if I am .. not a gentleman. I too, like many other men, feel the pain suffered by victims of crime. Being a woman doesn't make it particularly easy because other men target women who are generally thought of as weaker and easier targets.

I too, will fight for women in their fight against sexual oppression. I too, disagree with policies that do not make sense. I too, will not want my spouse or partner to be locked up in the house.

So, to get back to the main point, the ministry's idea was dumb. I take it that they were trying to help out women in a good way, just that they thought of the wrong idea. Frankly, the idea itself is ridiculous and only warrants thoughts of radical Islamisation that's creeping into our secular country.

I want women to go out, I want women to dress down (in fact, I don't even want women to wear clothes), I want women to be able to get high paid jobs too. But women, will have to depend less on men to achieve that, and more on themselves. The issue of conmen targeting housewives is one. WHO THE FLYING FUCK STILL GETS CONNED IN THIS AGE AND TIME?! DON'T YOU HAVE FUCKING BRAINS?! IF IT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! (Some men are also stupid enough to fall for this). So women, don't walk like a slut, be more aware of your surroundings and not be a dumb first-world blonde, don't open your wallets in public, don't even dare walk alone in a dark street or empty carpark lot. Don't accept drinks from strangers. yada yada the list goes on.

To put it straight, women are gullible. Women aren't very alert of their surroundings. Women trust other people too easily. Women take things for granted. And because a lot of men perceive females as the weaker race (physically, and in terms of survivability), you have to buck up and break that mentality, fight back, show those asshole men that you are not a chick to be screwed around with. Kick men in the balls when you don't like them, show them you mean business. I'm not denying that there are a lot of gullible guys out there as well, that there are equally as much wusses amongst males as well. They are safe only because of the protection that the general male race is able to give them (that men are not to be screwed around with).

Hence, I end my argument. This new policy by the Foreign Ministry is rubbish. But to the future critics that say "All you men are sexist pigs", I'd say this, in the end you'll have to depend on men so don't get on our nerves too much, go tell your fellow sisters to not be such easy targets, and we'll warn our fellow brothers to stop targeting women. Simple as said. For all you know the next thing that's come up will be, all men need consent from their wifes to go overseas (so they don't sneak off into China to find their mistresses).

And now, I'll wait for the flames, hopefully this aluminium foil I bought off Tesco helps.

Warm and Hot

It's under a week before I leave the UK homebound.
walan.. I can't wait.

Today's question is this.

Toilet seats. One of humanity's best invention ever.

Here's the scenario which I thought of while taking a piss in the loo. Guys usually have a couple of places to aim, illustrated here. The aim, is usually to keep the piss as quiet as you can. Unless.. the person just likes making a blast out of pissing.

Point X will always be the optimum section to aim your stream at. Why X? Because this gives the least noise, reduces the chance of your own piss splashing out, and is in a perfect position. Some people prefer to shoot at the northeast, and northwest as well. That's fine. East and west.. you're probably aiming badly. Now, if you happen to be pissing into the lowest 3 sections, you better go make an appointment with the GP.

Some people LOVE to drop the load smack in the middle, creating about 4-6 seconds of bombastic sound effects, maybe because they like it.

So, the question remains, why on earth can't guys repeat this amazing feat of not getting piss all around the floor with the toilet seat down? The hole probably got smaller, but if we're so good at aiming into section X or even smack into the pool of water, what difference does that make!

Hence, another example of mankind's toughest challenges.

P.S: Did anyone tell you that 18°C is HOT?