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Eh, for people wanting to apply to UK universities, the way you can do so is by going to


and then applying for universities online.

Note: There's a deadline for applications.
The applications are open for sending in in sometime in September,
then the deadlines are

University Application for 2007.
Oct 15 2006 - Oxford and Cambridge Universities
Oct 15 2006 - Medicine, Dentistry and Vet Sciences courses throughout the UK.
June 30 2007 - Other courses.

Although it says June 30, make it a point to submit the forms before December.. think of it, what places will be left when you submit the UCAS form in June?

I'll keep updating on this...


Wa.. a lot of things to do!!

I think some of you all have my timetables that I wrote down.
7.30-7.50 - Wake up and prepare (7.15 if I want to bath)
8.00-8.40 - Breakfast
8.40-8.50 - Registration
9.00-11.00 - Lessons
11.00-11.20 - Break
11.20-12.30 - Lessons
12.30-1.20 - Lunch
1.20-4.00 - Lessons
4.00-5.30 - Free time! (But spent on piano, onlining or Physics Practical on Fridays)
5.30-6.30 - Prep! -.-
6.30-7.10 - Supper!!
7.10-8.10 - Prep again T.T
8.10-10.30 - Free time (study/sports-sometimes only/play DotA/CS)
11-11.30 - Sleep...

Besides all this I have to post letters, go online, look for teachers to ask about further studies, reading on Contract Law and Economics(to help out in the future) most of all study!! ahhhhh... dreaded Saturday tests are weekly, I'm having Chem on one week, then Maths and Physics on the other week , 2 weeks alternating.. -have to cope with it!!-

Start School!!

I've gotten to know quite some seniors and they've been quite friendly, giving me advice on the things that I need to bring and stuff.. I've just found out that the favourite takeaway is China Rose, a Chinese restaurant in Shrewsbury. Also, Indomie seems to be the favourite packet noodles here. There's only one shop that sells it and it's sold for 40 packets for 10pounds. Pretty cheap actually, 25 pence for 1 packet, x6.50(yes, that's the exchange rate) = RM1.63 for one packet, not too bad..

Another nice thing here in the UK is playing football at temperatures of 2°C. At first it was cold, and my ears and nose were practically numb. But after a while the body temperature warms up and it becomes very nice with all the mist surrounding you, etc etc.

The spiritual World? Or just another one of the brain's nerves playing tricks and causing illusions?

Yesterday, walking back to my dorm room alone at night was a little freaky. It needed quite a long distance of walking. Lucky for me, my dorm is one of the nearest to the school, the unlucky ones were even further and darker. The surroundings were extremely quiet, seriously, it was silence. So silent that you can even hear breathing. Plus, night sets in at around 3.40+pm until around 8.20 in the morning. And this was in the countryside, where the skies aren't illuminating with orange-red colour dims, it was just plain black..there wasn't any moon either because the weather here is always cloudy, grey and gloomy. Only the street lamps were making things a little easier. I was listening to the seniors and the Principal talking to us about some ghosts in the Library.

Concord College's Library was once a church. There are still the decorated glass windows at the back of the library which proved that. The interior looked sort of churchy too. The college's main building was built in 1811, plus there were castle ruins too at the back of the college, spooky.. maybe there was a civilisation here 200 years ago or more. Plus, before the college was built, it used to be a convent.

Here's the story, back two summers ago, in 2003, a boy, of Saudi descent, had this encounter. It was summer, so everyone usually goes out to play sports, but he didn't like playing sports and decided he would want to go to the library, the teachers weren't very approving of this and tried to discourage him from going to the library, but he still wanted to go into the library. So the first afternoon passed, nothing happened, second afternoon passed, still nothing.

Then on the third afternoon, the teachers confronted him, "Why don't you come out and join everyone else for sports instead of staying alone inside the library?"

The boy replied,"I wasn't alone, there were these group of ladies who were inside along with me. They were very friendly too, chatting away."

The boy didn't know that the ladies weren't suppose to be there. So the teachers told him about the group of nuns that he saw, so it was a little shocking for him.

Another case was that a parent came and went to see the Principal. He was driving a car and had to go through the main entrance, upon arriving, he told the Principal, "I didn't know you had nuns working in Concord.."

Then this story, I heard from the seniors, it happened on the first floor of the main building, a few students were up there working when they heard someone banging on their doors, they went to open the door and found that it was locked. Then the banging came again, and continued, so the students were furious, they called some workmen up and tried to see/find who's the nuisance, when they opened the door, they found no one, feeling freaked out, everyone cleared out of there.

All these stories made me a bit jittery, lucky there's the college cat Molly which is always a comfort for me because she stays near my dorm, so on the way back I always see her.

Does the supernatural really exist? Or is it the stereotype of horror movies that makes us believe that what we see/imagine is the supernatural? Or can it be explained scientifically like how the doctor did in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"? Another age old debate between spiritualists and scientists perhaps which will never end..

Does Deja-vu really exist? Is it really true?

I was in London with my father two days ago, watching a play and sort of musical combination titled "The Woman In White" by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Then all of a sudden when a part of the play was on, something came about, "Hey, this scene seemed familiar" then I remembered that I dreamt of this scene before. I don't really know whether this counts as Deja-Vu or not but it was just plain weird.. Another one of those "Oooh" moments for me.

So I'm wondering here, how can this happen? Does Deja-Vu really exist? Why is it that sometimes we get those times when we realise that somehow this scene/action/what's happening now is very familiar? Another mystery perhaps if this were to be explained from the science point of view.


New Year + 6 days post!!

In this post, I'll be explaining a little bit about Autosurfing.

It's something that is growing rapidly suddenly during the last few years. The first big autosurfing program that I heard of was StudioTraffic back in 2003.

Ok, first, what is autosurfing? Autosurfing is basically an action where you open a webpage and let it automatically surf a number of websites for you in order for you to achieve your daily quota and get a certain amount/percentage of money.

Take an example, Studio Traffic.
When you join as a free member, they automatically give you a $10 account. Mind you, it's just the account level, the account balance is 0, empty. Then they tell you to surf 200 websites at 0.5 credits per website, in order to get 1% of your account level in a day. That's 100 credits for 10 cents. If you upgrade your account level let's say by $10, it'll be $20, and you'll be earning 1% of $20 which is 20 cents!

You'll first have the option to compound your earnings, which means that ST(Studio Traffic) will take your monthly earnings and use it to upgrade your account automatically.

A lot of argument and discussion has been going on about the autosurfing, Is it really worth the while? Is it a scam? Can you be assured of a safe investment? etc etc..

Ok, here's what I think, nothing is not risky, everything has risks. A business, investment has it's own risks. True, many can prove that autosurfing doesn't seem to be able to produce the capital needed to pay it's members, eventhough they are diversifying and investing basically everywhere, in bonds, HYIPs(High Yield Investment Program), share markets, forex and others.

The game is, if you are smart enough, can somehow predict whether the company is going to fold or not, and have the right timing when investing money, then you'll be successful in the autosurf industry. I know many people who have been lucky in starting early in autosurf companies, and then bailing out at a certain time when they think the company is starting to fold(changing policies, etc). So if you are someone like that, then you'll have a higher chance of surviving..

Anyway, just e-mail me if you need any further guidance/help. Cheers and have a nice day~