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Wa.. a lot of things to do!!

I think some of you all have my timetables that I wrote down.
7.30-7.50 - Wake up and prepare (7.15 if I want to bath)
8.00-8.40 - Breakfast
8.40-8.50 - Registration
9.00-11.00 - Lessons
11.00-11.20 - Break
11.20-12.30 - Lessons
12.30-1.20 - Lunch
1.20-4.00 - Lessons
4.00-5.30 - Free time! (But spent on piano, onlining or Physics Practical on Fridays)
5.30-6.30 - Prep! -.-
6.30-7.10 - Supper!!
7.10-8.10 - Prep again T.T
8.10-10.30 - Free time (study/sports-sometimes only/play DotA/CS)
11-11.30 - Sleep...

Besides all this I have to post letters, go online, look for teachers to ask about further studies, reading on Contract Law and Economics(to help out in the future) most of all study!! ahhhhh... dreaded Saturday tests are weekly, I'm having Chem on one week, then Maths and Physics on the other week , 2 weeks alternating.. -have to cope with it!!-

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 2:07:00 pm

sad la.. being in uk..
all you get to do is study..

take care ok??

love ya..