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The spiritual World? Or just another one of the brain's nerves playing tricks and causing illusions?

Yesterday, walking back to my dorm room alone at night was a little freaky. It needed quite a long distance of walking. Lucky for me, my dorm is one of the nearest to the school, the unlucky ones were even further and darker. The surroundings were extremely quiet, seriously, it was silence. So silent that you can even hear breathing. Plus, night sets in at around 3.40+pm until around 8.20 in the morning. And this was in the countryside, where the skies aren't illuminating with orange-red colour dims, it was just plain black..there wasn't any moon either because the weather here is always cloudy, grey and gloomy. Only the street lamps were making things a little easier. I was listening to the seniors and the Principal talking to us about some ghosts in the Library.

Concord College's Library was once a church. There are still the decorated glass windows at the back of the library which proved that. The interior looked sort of churchy too. The college's main building was built in 1811, plus there were castle ruins too at the back of the college, spooky.. maybe there was a civilisation here 200 years ago or more. Plus, before the college was built, it used to be a convent.

Here's the story, back two summers ago, in 2003, a boy, of Saudi descent, had this encounter. It was summer, so everyone usually goes out to play sports, but he didn't like playing sports and decided he would want to go to the library, the teachers weren't very approving of this and tried to discourage him from going to the library, but he still wanted to go into the library. So the first afternoon passed, nothing happened, second afternoon passed, still nothing.

Then on the third afternoon, the teachers confronted him, "Why don't you come out and join everyone else for sports instead of staying alone inside the library?"

The boy replied,"I wasn't alone, there were these group of ladies who were inside along with me. They were very friendly too, chatting away."

The boy didn't know that the ladies weren't suppose to be there. So the teachers told him about the group of nuns that he saw, so it was a little shocking for him.

Another case was that a parent came and went to see the Principal. He was driving a car and had to go through the main entrance, upon arriving, he told the Principal, "I didn't know you had nuns working in Concord.."

Then this story, I heard from the seniors, it happened on the first floor of the main building, a few students were up there working when they heard someone banging on their doors, they went to open the door and found that it was locked. Then the banging came again, and continued, so the students were furious, they called some workmen up and tried to see/find who's the nuisance, when they opened the door, they found no one, feeling freaked out, everyone cleared out of there.

All these stories made me a bit jittery, lucky there's the college cat Molly which is always a comfort for me because she stays near my dorm, so on the way back I always see her.

Does the supernatural really exist? Or is it the stereotype of horror movies that makes us believe that what we see/imagine is the supernatural? Or can it be explained scientifically like how the doctor did in "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"? Another age old debate between spiritualists and scientists perhaps which will never end..

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 3:41:00 pm

this is so so so creepy!!

lucky i din follow you there..
if not id be terribly freaked out!!!


hee hee..
take care ok??
beware the library!!