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Malaysia Should Follow Australia's Footsteps

Well, they should. Australia has recently introduced a series of TV ads directed to drivers. This time, instead of focusing on the consequences of speeding, they are now questioning the manhood of the drivers. Right.. the manhood.

Source: BBC
Watch the RTA Commercial!

We should do this, as well.. first, to those Mat Rempit outside there. What say you?

America's Strength

This week's editorial in The Economist titled The hobbled hegemon really picked up on me. Basically saying, that the reason for America's decline is its misuse of power. Rather unsurprising when you find out that one senior ex natsec-advisor to ex-President Jimmy Carter has given George W Bush an F for "catastrophic leadership. Otherwise, many good points in that article.

Speaking of which, it's so goddamn hot in Malaysia. One thing I found out was that after so long in the UK, I've gotten a thicker layer of skin, or probably an insulation layer of some sort, slower response negative-feedback system, and higher internal body temp. It feels like a 24-hour sauna. Gosh!!

Time to figure out what to do with 3.5 months here. Probably not games though. One thing on my mind is.. how are the rest of my buddies doing right now? Hmm.

Lots of official things to do anyway, like renewing my passport, applying for a new visa, applying for a new IC, probably take my IELTS test although I might not need it, and applying for a portfolio account to play around with. Kewlll.. but but best of all! I get to drive!! It feels so good after 6 months not touching the steering wheel.

It's Done!

Wuhahahaha, finally my A-levels is finished and done for! Lalala dum dee dum..

Floods in KL!

When I first read it I was thinking.. isn't the SMART tunnel supposed to divert rainwater away? Then only I found out that the floodwater diversion part was due in a month. I don't recall any worst flood than this one, judging from the pictures, because I've never seen Jalan Tun Ismail flooded so deeply before! I'll save the criticism for now, because building all these take time. And also it's good to know that it'll be completed ahead of schedule. Thank god they're only charging RM2 for the tunnel.

Here's some pictures:

A shot from Jalan Tun Ismail

Massive Traffic Jam at the Indonesian Embassy near Jalan Tun Razak tunnel

Jalan Tun Perak flooded

Massive traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak (the SMART tunnel is on the left)

Source: The Star Gallery