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Everyone Wants To Be Us

The last two weeks were a blackout moment. Looking back at it, it passed, real fast. Somehow preparations for CoM came and gone with a snap. My room was maxed beyond capacity for about 4 nights or so, and I was burning money as if it was hell money. There was much alcohol involved, and so much good fun like freeflow beer.

And there are only 49 more days, exactly 7 weeks till the day I fly back home for the summer holidays.

Easter holidays has already started, and effectively my first year of studies has ended. Right after easter, it's exam season and I proudly say that I have the earliest finals, starting on the 22nd of April, and ending on May 7th.

I've already found a flat for next year, staying with Michelle, Stephanie, Lindsey and Adrian at a great place. and Amsterdam's already calling my name. It's my first trip to Europe, and that without my family as well, so it's a completely new experience to me.

My friends and family have all been a blessing to me, assimilating to different social groups certainly took it's time but it's great now, and I'm loving every bit of it. I love my family, my friends both in KL and various cities in the UK and worldwide, my adopted home/city, my birthcity (KL, born and raised yo!)

Never have I been feeling so guilty and yet blissful at the same time. Is this what mentally breaking into adulthood feels like? I've never felt such liberation before, but it sure feels ecstatic.

In short, life just turned fun.


Not having internet connection at the moment, so.. chill. I'll be back blogging in a few days.


All the boring posts I have made in the past years, are worth every single second I've spent on it.

Just a brief overview, MCA, MIC and Gerakan lose big.

Opposition takes Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and KL.

The previous seats of Bukit Bintang, Cheras, Kepong and Seputeh (I'm under this one! - DAP won with 36,000 majority!! :D) all won by DAP with increased majority. While BN lost the seats of Batu, Wangsa Maju, Segambut, Titiwangsa, Lembah Pantai and Bandar Tun Razak.

Batu - PKR's Tian Chua wins MCA's Datuk Lim Si Pin (Deputy Speaker in the Dewan Rakyat)

List of important people who lost:
Kuantan - Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow (BN-MCA) loses his seat to PKR's Fuziah Salleh.

Bandar Tun Razak - Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho (BN-MCA) loses to PKR's Khalid Ibrahim.

Sungai Petani - Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin (BN-UMNO) loses to PKR's Johari Abdul.

Lembah Pantai - Minister for Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (BN-UMNO) lost to PKR's Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Hulu Selangor - Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk G. Palanivel (BN-MIC)loses to PKR's Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

PJ Utara - Parliamentary Secretary of Women, Family and Community Development Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun (BN-MCA) loses to DAP's Tony Pua.

PJ Selatan - Deputy Minister of Tourism Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai (BN-MCA)loses to PKR's Hee Loy Sian.

Taiping - Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk M Kayveas (BN-PPP)loses to DAP's Nga Kor Ming.

Padang Rengas - Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Nazri Aziz (BN-UMNO) wins by a slim majority of 1749 votes.

Kuala Kangsar - Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Rafidah Aziz (BN-UMNO) wins by a slim majority of 1458 votes.

Sungai Siput - Works Minister Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu (BN-MIC)loses to PKR's Dr. M Jeyakumar.

Batu Kawan - Penang Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon (BN-Gerakan) loses to DAP's Dr P Ramasamy.

Bukit Bendera - Deputy Information Minister Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye (BN-Gerakan) loses to DAP's Liew Chin Tong.

Teluk Intan - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Datuk Mah Siew Keong (BN-MCA) loses to DAP's M. Manogaran.

Lumut - Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Kong Cho Ha (BN-MCA) wins by a slim majority of 158 votes.

Wangsa Maju - Parliamentary Secretary of Federal Territories Yew Teong Look (BN-MCA)loses to PKR's Wee Choo Keong.

Kapar - Parliamentary Secretary of Education Datin Paduka P. Komala Devi (BN-MIC) loses to PKR's S Manikavasagam.

also Jerai - Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-UMNO) (google him) lost.

So expect changes to these positions. And since Health Minister Datuk Chua Soi Lek (BN-MCA) resigned, Water, Energy and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik (BN-MCA) and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy (BN-MCA) both aren't running for parliament this year, another three main portfolios are to be handed to other people.

Before the elections, BN in Perak were very confident about their standing and even listed several black areas into grey areas. Looks like.. they were wrong.

Overall, Gerakan is pretty much shattered with their state chiefs in Perak and Penang losing their seats, and winning only 2 out of 12 parliamentary seats contested. MCA's nightmare of 2004 when they lost the 2 Ipoh seats to DAP along with several state seats continued in 2008 .. to the extent that DAP will form the next state government in Perak.

PKR won surprisingly in Selangor, which I initially thought would be a stronghold for several MCA and MIC stalwarts. Kelana Jaya, Subang, Puchong, PJ Utara and PJ Selatan were the hot seats that fell to the opposition.

The Kota Melaka and the 3 state seats under it all went to DAP. Seremban also went to the DAP. So did Kuching and Kota Kinabalu. Kuantan fell to PKR. KL is opposition controlled now from having 4 seats by DAP in 2004 to 10 seats today. Penang which was Gerakan's bastion now lay in ruins.

I can safely say that the capitals of each state excluding Johor Bahru (sigh.. this place again), Perlis and Kuala Terengganu, FT Putrajaya and Labuan are now opposition controlled. Sungai Petani (PKR), Georgetown (DAP), Ipoh (DAP), Shah Alam (PKR), KL (DAP & PKR), Melaka/Malacca (DAP), Seremban (DAP), Kota Bahru (PAS), Kuching (DAP) and Kota Kinabalu (DAP).

Urban voters are clearly angry at the government.

Whooppiiieee! I am still shocked from when I first found out the results about 8 hours ago. and please, do not provoke and taunt other people. Let those who lost learn that it is only natural.

A Dictator Dictates

There's been a few anti-establishment emails circulating here and there because of the general election. All of them contain quotes from MPs, and ministers. All of them are so factual they make your maths textbook look like Enid Blyton's books.

All of them play the race card.

These useless pricks apparently have a lot of free time to start inciting tensions here and there. Sure, you mention that 99.9999% of the army is made up of ethnic Malays, that Petronas employs 0.0000001% ethnic Chinese, that the police force is another 99.99999% Malay composed, that government jobs are completely taken by Malays, that scholarships are not given away fairly, and blablabla.

You know what I think? Go screw yourselves. You know only to complain, complain and complain. and to brainwash people into your skewed way of thinking.

Let's go back to '99 shall we. The government nearly lost the northern states of Kedah and Perlis, and was propped up by whose votes? You and your ah beng votes for BN apparently because you were soooo afraid of Keadilan and PAS. Who's complaining now?

Frankly speaking, other people of my likes and I care more about the state of the nation's economy than petty things such as race. Because, why? we were worried enough to swim deeper into Malaysian politics, we were more concerned to educate myself on what's actually right and what was bullshit. we were fortunate enough to have good friends and smart enough not to coop ourselves in a shell, and not be stuck in that loop of stupidity and propaganda. Are you? No. People of your likes are lazy, who feed on other people's words and lies, and like to be spoonfed. Whenever something pops up, you just jump on it and start pointing fingers around. You, like to play the blame game. That's the difference between your kind and my kind.

.. and that's all that matters.

2 In The Morning

So here I am, finally typing out some words while waiting for my flatmate to get back. The past weeks were about essays here and there but I'm so glad I'm already finished with it. Wasn't quite a busy weekend, apart from the SingSoc Food Festival, flat-viewing and a couple of performance/dance practices. Here's a shot at what's up this week.

  • Posters.. posters.. posters.. posters.. posters..
  • Ticket Sales
  • Visit from hairstylist :P
and there's the superficial stuff
  • accommodation for Amsterdam!
  • accommodation for next year!
and the less important ones
  • study and revise notes.
For some weird reason, I feel a lot messier and occupied this term, than last term. Easily seen from the amount of time I spend sleeping. What used to be a comfortable and lazy 9-10 hours of sleep has now become 7 hours.

No, not from 12 to 7 or 11 to 6.
2.30+am till 9. Maybe it's because of the sun blazing through the window in the morning. Speaking of which, it's getting into spring already! and the exam timetable is out. My finals start on the 22nd of April, and end on the 7th of May with three exams spread throughout. This means I could be back in M'sia 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Hoho!!

Ah good times.
Gonna hit the snooze button now, sigh I'll get my flatmate to ring me when he gets back later. By the way, Lynyrd Skynyrd's good music for staying up at 2 in the morning.

P.S: Did I say this? Edinburgh Malaysian Students Association (EMSA) is having their first ever Malaysian Night, which is called Colours of Malaysia. Tickets go for £9, includes a main course with a choice of starters and dessert, as well as performances, both cultural and modern.

Venue: Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9ER.
Date: 15 March 2008.

You know who to approach for tickets. Then again it's useless because no one ever reads this blog :D