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A Dictator Dictates

There's been a few anti-establishment emails circulating here and there because of the general election. All of them contain quotes from MPs, and ministers. All of them are so factual they make your maths textbook look like Enid Blyton's books.

All of them play the race card.

These useless pricks apparently have a lot of free time to start inciting tensions here and there. Sure, you mention that 99.9999% of the army is made up of ethnic Malays, that Petronas employs 0.0000001% ethnic Chinese, that the police force is another 99.99999% Malay composed, that government jobs are completely taken by Malays, that scholarships are not given away fairly, and blablabla.

You know what I think? Go screw yourselves. You know only to complain, complain and complain. and to brainwash people into your skewed way of thinking.

Let's go back to '99 shall we. The government nearly lost the northern states of Kedah and Perlis, and was propped up by whose votes? You and your ah beng votes for BN apparently because you were soooo afraid of Keadilan and PAS. Who's complaining now?

Frankly speaking, other people of my likes and I care more about the state of the nation's economy than petty things such as race. Because, why? we were worried enough to swim deeper into Malaysian politics, we were more concerned to educate myself on what's actually right and what was bullshit. we were fortunate enough to have good friends and smart enough not to coop ourselves in a shell, and not be stuck in that loop of stupidity and propaganda. Are you? No. People of your likes are lazy, who feed on other people's words and lies, and like to be spoonfed. Whenever something pops up, you just jump on it and start pointing fingers around. You, like to play the blame game. That's the difference between your kind and my kind.

.. and that's all that matters.

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