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Oh Hai It's Christmas!

Tomorrrrooooooooow is Boxing Day, and the day my family arrives at the airport. Woooo!

Actually, being home alone during the holidays bores the shit out of you. So what have I done in the past.. 5 days?


Apart from breaking my own record in Geo Challenge on Facebook, playing Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty 4 multiplayer, refreshing the same sites over and over again, streaming korean comedies and Family Guy, torrenting some old movies, and reading about Paris and Brussels...


moving on...

I like my hair now. It's finally a new look after uhh.. forever. I think the last time i had it like this was 13 years old. Hang on, i'll get it up.. after the holidays.

Shit I ran out of stuff to write about.

So you see, boredom made me blog about being bored.
And bored would be my description of this year's Christmas.

Hehe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year boys and girls!

Oh ya, New Year resolutions.
Last year around this time we met at Fred's house back in M'sia to swap presents (oh wait that was D'licious Bangsar) countdown the new year and make our resolutions. Fred's having fun with girls in the US now so I'm quite jealous of him.

I don't remember the other resolution but managed to do my first one. So I can cross that one out and make a new one!

Resolutions will come up next time because:
#2 : I want to keep to my resolutions.
#3 : Ya 1 and 2 make a lot of sense.

Anyone who's reading this please msg me so I can talk back to you because I'm shitass bored over here on Christmas (I just had to add Christmas into this).

So bai boys and girls have a fun time this holiday season.
Me? I'm in hibernation mode. Sleeping until 2+pm, eating at irregular times, and constantly snacking. I'm surprised I still lose weight BUT I won't be surprised if my flatmates come back and say I'm fatter.

Ok chow's here. I'm gonna eat now.
and family guy..
and crunchyroll..
and watch movies..
and exercise..
and you don't wanna waste your holiday reading any more of this bullshit ok bye.

I ♥ Finance : repeat x 10000

Somebody teach me about options, futures, swaps and risk valuation in capital markets. It's killing me. seriously.

Exam's in 66 hours.