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This post has been dedicated to my beloved music companions, good friends, and comrades-in-battle, my little earphones.

To date, 2 3 of them have died for the cause, that is, for me to listen to good music.

Casualty #1 - Apple iPod earphones
Damage Cost : USD ??? (it came with the iPod)
Cause of Death : Dismemberment leading to unfunctionable parts.
Remaining Functioning Parts : Right-side Earphone
This is was my first earphone. Generic earphones for the Apple iPod. I don't quite remember this fella, only that it has done it's job perfectly, until when it split into two.

Casualty #2 - dunno-what-model Philips in-ear headphones
Damage Cost : MYR 30.00
Cause of Death : Permanent Body Displacement.
Remaining Functioning Parts : Left Ear-phone.
I remember this one, having come with an extender, and stretchable wires, and also a volume adjuster! All went fine until when I was listening to it while shooting arrows during archery lessons. The soft rubbery thingy got caught while the bow-string was released. Wham, I felt a whipping feeling to my neck and goodbye earphones! Managed to scavenge the extender though.

Casualty #3 - dunno-what-model Philips earphones
Damage Cost : £7.50 incl VAT
Cause of Death : Connection Failure
Remaining Functioning Parts : None.
This one died a few days ago. I don't really know why it died, but I suspect it's because both it's wires came loose inside the protective layer. It played pretty good sounds surprisingly, and rather pissed me off when it stopped working. Oh well, goodbye!

Replacement - unknown-model Creative earphones
Cost : £0.01 (that's right, 1p)
Cost incl Postage : £4.51
I bought this from Amazon's Marketplace. Freakin' Amazon decided to set the postage fee at £4.50. Sigh, oh well, of all I've tried so far I'm pretty amazed with the quality of this earphone, stylishly designed with sleek plastic coating, state-of-the-art phonics, truly amazing. How else would I rate something that I bought for 1p/ 6.8 friggin' Malaysian Cents?!

I'll always remember you, my beloved earphones, always playing sweet music into my ears, feeding them, taking care of them, entertaining them, yadayadayada.. Ahhh, what a sad moment! Now off you go into the rubbish bin.=P

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 12:35:00 pm

haha good one. i like the punchline.

Combine no.1 and no.2 la, left and right. Then can reuse ma. U just wasted 1 cent my friend.