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Midway Exam Strategy

This problem has been around since forever. Here's how it goes graphically,

Aiya I forgot to add the axes.

The graph shows concentration vs time, so as normal people are, my concentration goes up as I approach an exam.
About a couple of weeks beforehand I usually start preparing notes and get a good understanding of the uh.. subjects.

Here's a hypothetical situation. There are 3 papers in my finals.

  1. A week before the first paper.
  2. 3 nights before the first paper.
  3. The morning of the first paper. Damn tense because first exam, you know, the oommph, the momentum.
  4. Right after the first paper.
  5. 3 nights before the 2nd paper.
  6. 2 nights before the 2nd paper. I forgot to add another one right after it but that's the night before.
  7. The morning of the 2nd paper.
  8. Who doesn't slack after their papers right?
  9. The cycle starts again.
  10. Notice the concentration rises at a higher rate than before the 2nd paper. Going back soon! Final push!
  11. Climax aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

You see, the problem is that I am a sloth in the middle of my exams. Henceforth today I've devised a strategy called the Midway Exam Strategy to 'provide a temporary much-needed boost' for my second exam. Here's the projected result if it succeeds.
Right after the initial slump, the MES will successfully prop up concentration levels to provide a supernormal rate of increase. Great success.

The contents of the MES are uh.. not known because I haven't gotten to plan it yet. In fact I think I'll only manage to complete the plan after my second exam next Monday, which .. won't be of any use anymore because then it wouldn't be midway, and that if I do get down to it but I won't because the exam's 4 days away. So essentially, planning the MES is useless.. because.. then it wouldn't be helping out my second exam when it is supposed to, or would it?


So.. did I just waste 20 minutes typing this?

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Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:15:00 am

I think this rocked but how come the comments link said this comment sucked?

Anyway description no.11 sounds wrong. For implementation of MES, u must have BSEH, who will pwn all exams.


Sunday, May 04, 2008 4:44:00 am

this rox hahaha


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