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Birthday Weekend!

This is a shoutout to all birthday celebratees here.

Happy Birthday to Sieu Theng! and in advance to both Chao Ying and Ket Ying! and way in advance to both Xiao Yan and Jon! and 4 days early to Christine! I wish all of you people a happy 918415th year!

I shouldn't reveal their ages publicly, but then again they're all older than me. Bwahahahaha. Damn old la you all old people.

1 people said this sucked:


Saturday, January 26, 2008 3:39:00 am

what is 918415th? i also don know how old are they. u ah really can make me laugh after read the last two sentences.. hahahaha.. not bad at least u still remember those important date of yr friends and still can write it down..

Regards: ipoh grace