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Another Record Broken

I should probably say this. Malaysia has unofficially broken the record for having the most supercentenarians in the world. Evidence indicates there're 4 120's and 4 119's. Not only that, we've broken the record for the world's oldest, which the current world record for is 114 years old!

So, what holds for us? This is a testament that

1. Our healthcare system rocks the roof. #1 in the world baby!
2. Malaysians are finally healthier than the Japanese, screw your ochas and sushi, have some
nasi lemak instead.
3. We can finally add this to our list of number ones, longest satay, longest pizza, longest pencil, tallest building, largest tea bag, longest serving ruler etc. As Wired puts it, we're number one in making/breaking records.


4. We've all been dummified by the EC.

Oh nevermind, who's going to take note anyway?
Source: darnmalaysia.com

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 5:00:00 am

hmmm so is malaysian ranked top in obesity? since nasi lemak is better than sushi now LOL