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Post #175

I can't think of a title so #175 will do. It's a boring post, so I'll warn your eyes beforehand, but since you're here you're probably bored.

February is off to a great start. It's the -7C on the 1st of February, with a bloody cold weekend.

Some of you might be thinking, wow that's so cool I wanna go and see snow! You know what, it sucks. It's terrible when it snows (but nevertheless cool), and it's cold. and windy. It's been windy for the past week, and I didn't sleep right because of it.

Oh oh, who had 2 fire alarms in a night! I did on the 31st! and it's not fun. Not in the rain. And when you heave that sigh of relief and curse flat 5/8 for stupidly burning a toast and think that you'll finally feel warm and have a peaceful night, but no that's not the end. It rang at 4.20 again.

Apparently some jokers found it fun to break the glass and sound the alarm. But they ended up paying a fine and for the damaged door that the firemen broke open.

The first major DotA LAN party happened on Feb 2, and it was a blast, to me and Jun it felt like reliving the days of Concord again. But as usual, a LAN party will take approx 2 hours to set up. First game lasted about 94 minutes, which was surprisingly long and stamina draining. The next time it happens I'm going to take pictures of people stretching their asses like I did.

And now I realise I have a lot more things to do from today onwards, so I will be really busy for the next week, but I'll crunch some posts out because of a sudden urge to write. It's 1 in the morning and I'm still busy designing a poster so you get the idea.

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