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A Foggy Day

I'm ripping off Michael Bublé's A Foggy Day (In London Town) and changing it to A Foggy Day In Edinburgh.

For two straight days, the streets of Edinburgh are like some ghost story dream come true. The city has been covered in dense fog yesterday and not-so-dense fog today.

Let's do a walkthrough foggy-style! Here's how I usually waste 7 minutes strolling to my lecture halls.

Notice most of the cars are hatchbacks.

Boo creepy!
But at the same time.. beautiful.
The red telephone booths are not just a London thing okay!

Tall one's where my Economics tutorial is!
And now.. on the way back!
You could feel the water droplets as you walk through the fog. It's that dense.
Lampu pun dah macam balls.
And this is the Central Mosque! See the minaret?

I'd love to drive in this fog.

There you go! A walk to the library.. and back! Beautiful lehhh! But really, visibility was probably limited to 50m in front or so. The pictures talk for themselves.It was that surreal! I'd probably be flamed if I say.. only in Edinburgh! London/Manchester/Birmingham/Liverpool/Glasgow got or not dun have right! =P

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Thursday, February 14, 2008 2:46:00 am

this is really irrelevant but i have a thing for red phone booth and red letter box.