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Work has been bogged down by me I've been bogged down by work since the end of January. And February isn't helping either because of the deadlines, so is March, not April either because of exams. I want May now!!

Here's the to-do list!

  • 1000-word Loss Aversion essay // due 28 Feb.
  • 2000-word Finance essay // due 28 Feb.
  • Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam // due in advance of Easter Holidays.
  • Busybody society commitments // due these couple of weeks.
  • Accountancy Notes // due every week.
  • 2nd-year Accommodation // due before summer holidays.

Notice that I've pushed forward the two essays which spells P.A.N.I.C.

But it's a considerable achievement that I'm already starting on my essays 2.5 weeks from my deadline! Last time.. SPM Biology exam tomorrow pun tak study. Anyway, lesson learnt over and over again.. I'll start a month ahead next time. Hehe.

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