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The Things People Say

There is now 17 days left till polling day. I'll be taking a stronger stance albeit on a neutral basis in the effort to lobby for a better future. Points and questions will be made in notes for emphasis, and on a semi-regular basis. (Maybe not.)

Note #1: Ignore issues on race and religion. Just ignore it you dumb religious freaks. Take a step back to clear your head from biases. They affect irrational behaviour. So what the government says is actually true, only from a different perspective. Don't use your freaking emotions to vote. Use your brains. If you can't understand that. You're clearly .. not smart enough to vote, and deserve to vote with your ass of a brain.

Note #2: Are bloggers who dabble in the socio-political scene anti-establishment? Those that write without facts or popular backing, are. Those that provide points, or are part of a bigger social group that's trying to provide a more constructive, and alternative point of view, are essentially, individuals providing their point of view. Should you believe them? It's like when a stranger tells you not to don't play with fire because it's dangerous, while another stranger tells you to wear fire-resistant gloves and play with fire, just because you're protected and you should feel the thrill of playing with fire. Alternative POVs on the same issue, with different outcomes, but you decide.

Note #3: Do you trust your ministers? Do you trust your police force? Do you trust your medical care system? Do you trust the transparency and accountability of all the above?

Note #4: Economy, personal finance and welfare. Do you feel threatened by the stagnating wages of your job? Do you feel that the spread in banks are ridiculously high? Do you feel threatened that as a resource-rich country, we are feeling poor? All these are the down-the-chain effects of mismanagement, and self-greed that's involved with the upper echelons of society.

Note #5: Did the Lingam saga show how deep in, certain individuals have ties to the ruling party? Doesn't it reveal a sense of complacency after a long time being in power?

Note #6: Do.. you think the present Prime Minister has kept up with his manifesto? Or was he sort of a caretaker like Gus Dur / Abdurrahman Wahid?

And that ends another boring post.. that no one will look at. Sigh.

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