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When I Say A String, It's A String.

I don't know the reason why I'm blogging today. It was supposed to be strictly Photoshop only. but I had to look for pictures and online tutorials, and strangely enough I ended up here at Lily's Wai Sek Hong looking at food, which is really comprehensive. And now I'm really craving for Malaysian food.

Why, you wonder, am I suddenly associated with Photoshop? Because I need to get the event poster up and running so that we can all print and post them all around. Then after that is event booklets, and ticket sales.

After playing about with photoshop for 2 days, I finally noticed that it's actually simple. Mind you, I have never used it before. I'm not good with art in the general sense. Then tonight there's another meeting again, this time for us poor 1st years who are marshalls in the Edinburgh Super Cup.

Let's see what I have to do..
1. Compile Accountancy lecture notes from Week 3-5.
2. Update blog more constantly because the visitor counts are depressing.
3. Start work on the Economics essay worth 20%.
4. Start work on the Business essay worth 20%.
5. EMSA stuff.

At least, a sense of responsibility gives me a boost, like money to hobos or crack to junkies. Ok la, now that you know that I am not very free/slacky anymore, don't say that I'm slacking ok!

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