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You Know It's Spring When..

It was 5.30 just now, and on my way back from the library I heard the birds chirp. Days ago I spotted a squirrel on one of the high walls behind my flat. This means... that spring has settled in! Well, at least according to the squirrels it is.

On my previous post, there was a solemn tone to everything about CNY this year. Apparently I've forgotten the 10000-year old saying that life has it's share of surprises.

The elusive mandarin orange was spotted for the first time in 3 years.

Here's what happened on Week 5.
Saturday 02/02 - CNY Cookover at Adrian's place.
Wednesday 06/02 - EUSA General Meeting. (emo because no reunion dinner)
Thursday 07/02 - CNY Dinner with 19 others at Saigon Saigon.
Friday 08/02 - CNY Potluck with BuddhistSoc.
Saturday 09/02 - EMSA CNY Dinner at Chinois.

So as you can tell from past experiences, CNY Dinners are usually full of food, noise and shenanigans. And I had 3 consecutive nights of it. There are probably more than 5 photo albums in Facebook currently with pictures of all these events.

The weird thing was.. remember the strong winds that tried to blow Edinburgh out into the sea for a week plus or so? Yeah, it ended on Wednesday. Yep, CNY Eve. Thursday was a good warm day, Friday was warm and overcast. Saturday was warm and clear as f**k.

And today, was fogged up.

And I mean fogged.

Seriously. Very foggy.

But that's another post for another day. Think of it, how can the first 3 days of CNY be blessed with good warm (9-12C, and I really mean it, 12C is warm.) weather?

At the end it was a good CNY, as I've never had this much fun in a while, for so many days consecutively. At the end of it, it leaves me with a good optimistic feeling. I haven't got a good connection so a few photos will come up when it's better.

End point is.. CNY rocks! Moot. Oh oh, the general elections are coming soon as well!

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