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SPM results are today!, guess what I got..

I got 6As.. + A for 1119 . That's not good enough! I don't know why but I keep telling myself I've met my expectations, but I'm still upset. Sigh, everyone I ask today got like 10As minimum. That's crazy! .. So much competition, it's like making me feel like I'm one of the lousiest.

AS-exams. I think I need to buck up.

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Monday, March 13, 2006 3:56:00 pm

it's ok la, i congrat u too
still got As mah, hehe

u got A for 1119, i have no A for tat neh..
mom say if i had worked harder, i might get better result that wat i get now..:)...
i promise her to do better for my f6..hehe