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2009's Number One Post

*clap clap clap clap clap*

woooheyy happy new yyyeearr!!

First things first, resolutions.
not now.
hmm, sounds about right.

Ok here goes!

Can I say .. that the past week was awesomeee!!! !11!!1!111!111
Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Paris and Shrewsbury was beautifulicious.
I want I want I want to say that I cannot wait to go to Europe again.
I also can't believe it's nearly been a year since the reunion last February. Concord's changed a lot.

Interesting fact, did you know that you could ride for free on Brussels' metro and trams? Cool right! Actually I didn't know I had to pay for tickets, there weren't any barriers or anything just a couple machines which I assumed you had to timestamp your ticket. Heheh sneaky.

Another interesting fact!

I miss driving againnnnn aaaaaaahh the car my parents rented to drive in the UK was so good to drive in, I mean the gearbox was smooth, transmission was a doll and not to mention I kept within the speed limits for once (maybe because there were speed cameras and my personal speed limit was somewhere between 80-90 mph)!

Ok ok, trivial things aside.. I'll be back in my room tomorrow night. For some strange reason I somehow miss it.

Heh. Things are gonna change now.

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