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It's 3am and I'm up proofreading essays after compiling budgets for CoM and sending out emails. Talking to a senior in 3rd year made me contemplate changing to joint honours.

Think about this,
MA(Hons) Economics


MA(Hons) Economics and Business Studies!

Of course I am not talking about crap courses like marketing or management science. I'm talking about Finance, finance comes under BStudies at UoE so if I want to take Finance as a joint honour it'll have to be Business Studies.

The reason of this addition is because I am flinching at the thought of 5 modules of Economics next year. Taking up a joint subject will reduce it to 3 modules econs, 2 modules from Business and 1 optional.

I'll be able to follow a less vigorous course of Econometrics in 3rd year. Phew! Econometrics was not what I had in mind when I joined Economics.

Anyway, I'm going to arrange a meeting with my DoS. Don't you find it weird when you're here and you get a Japanese for your Director of Studies, hahaha I sure do. I've got..

let's see.. Principles of Finance, Management Science, Economics 2..

all the prerequisites.. for joint honours at the moment so I think that's possible to make a change that I'll be happier with.

Oh oh oh.
Did I tell you about my Econs project.
I'm supposed to prove CAPM holds for share returns of Monsanto, neh... that multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation that produces GM seeds, controls the global herbicide market and global GM seeds market. I'm using 1-yr US Treasury bills as risk-free returns, and monthly returns for 10-years, plot all this on a simple linear regression line using OLS, SCC look for t-stats and r-squared.

That's Econometrics 101 for you!

So hello Econometrics, and goodbye I dread seeing you next year.

ok, tty later i gotta finish the reading the essay cuz i wanna sleep now.

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Friday, March 06, 2009 12:55:00 am

now yr blog looks handsome.did u discuss this with yr f......? i have no idea . haha. frm ipoh