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Bad Day

25 June..

It's the day I fly back from the UK, though I partly feel tired, in fact, very tired from the whole flight, it was a fun experience though..

12.30PM : Van leaves for Heathrow Intl. Airport
4.10PM : Van arrives at London Heathrow
4.20PM : Checks in Luggage but finds out that luggage is overloaded at 32kilos. Desperately unpack till it weighs 25kilos, and forced to throw away some university prospectuses from my hand carried bag, because needed to free up 3kg from 10.2kg.
5.40PM: Finally checks in luggages.. *thinks*Friggin' MAS, baggage allowance only 20kg..
6.00PM: Boarding gates open, and people start boarding the plane.. Guess what seat I got....


In specific terms it means the last row in the plane ..

||<--Door |D|E|F|G| Door--> ||

The first time I sat in this place in all my plane flights.. it looks so scary.. as if the door will just blow open and suck you out of the airplane.. eeee.. freaky.

Then, as usual we wait for everyone to board the plane and stuff.. until 7.05pm(supposedly our departure time).. hmm the plane's still not moving.. ok 10 mins later it moves, and then the captain announces, bla bla bla bla bla.. communications problem .. bla bla bla.. towing to another gate... bla bla... ground engineers coming to identify the problem.. and after 100 agonising minutes, they announced, that they were gonna take off!! Yeh!

Anyway, one good point was there was this not-bad looking vietnamese girl who sat beside me during the flight.. she looked kinda small but i guessed that she was a university student, never did it occur to me that she graduated from university already!.. whoaaa

Wow.. but one good point was that talking to her during the flight made my fear of "The Door" go away a little..it was pretty interesting, talking to strangers.. first time experience also.. hahahaha... the ride was super bumpy.. I counted 5-6 turbulences during the entire 12hr flight.. a few of them shook the plane so much that I practically rocked sideways.. waaa damn scary..

anyway, once arrived, I had to wait for my luggage to come out... damn, I stood there for 1.5 hrs and finally my small bag pops out. Wth, so long just for 2 luggages. Sigh, no comment.

Then finally, when I go out to the arrival hall, my mum barely noticed me.. wth,omgbbq.. anyway, on the way back, for some reason *I think she's too happy* she drove all the way from KLIA to Kota Damansara to Damansara Utama and finally back to Bkt Jalil.. all this for 1hr 20 mins.. sigh..

what a long day..

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