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Evidently I trust most people will have known what means, judging from the major ruckus caused by a newspaper in Malaysia.

The unusual time and date has attracted little attention in Britain but Asia is excitedly counting down to the event. A Malaysian newspaper is challenging readers to send in a text message exactly at the time when the numbers are aligned.

Quoted from the Daily Mail newspaper.


Seriously, little things like this do we have to make a big commotion about until it appears in British newspapers?

Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan Cainer said, 'Astroleogers don't take too seriously earth time. We are much more interested in star time. But this Thursday is a relatively auspicious time for most people astrologically. 'If we see this moment as special, it's a way to remind us that every moment is special. It's a little spark into the insight of the mechanism which is greater than us.'


Another amazing date will arrive in another 72 years. At 12.34 on June 5 2078, it will be 12345678 - or 12:34 on 5/6/78.

How about June 6 2006 or 06/06/06? Some pregnant women due to give birth on that date are concerned that it chimes too closely with 666, the Biblical number of the beast, reports the tabloid.

Hmm, what will happen to babies born on that day? May them be blessed..

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Thursday, May 04, 2006 3:52:00 pm

i heard about that thing but didnt really bother much.. rather sleep..

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