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Hot Hot Hot!! Bright Bright Bright!!

Personally, I don't know how am I going to live my days back in M'sia..

The weather here is somewhat cooling at 17-18C max during daytime, but when it goes up to 23-25 .. I can barely hang on to the heat. The body feels like little gas bubbles wanting to pop and release hot air, it feels as if it's a kettle whistling it's head off.

Another thing is .. I hate the sunlight!

14-18 May 2006

Sunrise 05:16 (BST)
Sunset 20:57 (BST)

Sunrise 05:14 (BST)
Sunset 20:59 (BST)

Sunrise 05:13 (BST)
Sunset 21:00 (BST)

Sunrise 05:11 (BST)
Sunset 21:02 (BST)

Sunrise 05:10 (BST)
Sunset 21:04 (BST)

In real time, when they say it's sunset.. means it's sunset, but the sky doesn't go dark till about 40 minutes later..

It's just "Ahhh, I wanna sleep" everytime I wake up at 6 because of the sun.. now I don't need any alarm clocks anymore, just trust the sun~

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