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46 days left!?


Things to do
41 Maths Papers (C1,C2,S1) - 24 more to go!
40 Chemistry Papers (Foundation Chem, Chains and Rings, How Far How Fast) - 20 Done!
18 Physics Papers (Module 1, 2, 3) - Sat 5 hr full blast Physics!

AS-English? -- Dreaded subject, I'm beginning to suspect this is lingustics.

Next week (AS-Exams begin)
Monday - Chemistry Planning Task
Wednesday - Physics Practical Examination
Thursday - Chemistry Practical Examination

Next next week
Maths (C1,C2,S1) GCE-AS Examinations
English Paper 1

Next next next week
Rest 10 days(+half term holidays)

Next next next next week
Physics Modules 1,2,3
Chemistry Modules 1,2,3

Next next next next next week
Ahhhh.. break..

Next next next next next next week
Internal Promotion Examinations

Next next next next next next next week
Back in M'sia!!

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