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Ok.. If anyone is reading this post (I take that no one reads it), I'm extremely busy now and my school server has just unblocked Friendster and Blogspot.

First things first: My free time.

Free Time (GMT+1, British Summer Time)
Mondays: 10.20-11.00am, 3.20-4.00pm
Tuesdays: 11.20-12.00pm, 2.00-2.40pm
Wednesdays: 11.20-12.00am
Thursdays: -
Fridays: 8.00-8.40am, 11.20 -12.20pm, 2.40-3.20pm.

----- After time conversion (+7 hours)
Mondays: 5.20-6.00pm, 10.20-11.00pm
Tuesdays: 6.20-7.00pm, 9.00-9.40pm
Wednesdays: 6.20-7.00pm
Thursdays: -
Fridays: 3.00-3.40pm, 6.20-7.20pm, 9.40-10.20pm

After that I usually won't bother to come online.. I'll be in my room or in the sports hall working out, or playing games.

Speaking of games, I just got Call of Duty 2, Civilisation IV, and Half Life 2 from Paul! Friggin cool I'm telling you.

Half Life 2
Graphics: Totally owns (on my laptop) (9/10), Heavenly (on a gaming desktop) (9.8/10)
Gameplay: Interesting
Comments: This game definitely sells with it's graphics, terrain and character buildup. So much difference compared to it's predecessor.

Call of Duty 2
Graphics: Superb (8/10)
Gameplay: Being the military enthusiast, obviously this is the ultimate game for me (for now)
Comments: I can't get it to work on my comp!! .. Damn you Int3l for providing a low quality 915 Graphics Accelerator.

Civilisation IV
Graphics: Mediocre (5/10)
Gameplay: -
Comments: I'll try this one out.. as soon I can get it to work!! $(!%@

Ahh.. September and October is the time to get into gear and submit your UCAS applications ASAP! I don't know whether I'll be even considered for an offer because of my ABB. Oh well, I'm taking 2 universities as insurance and going for the other 4.

University and Course Application
University College London (UCL) - L100 Economics (Offer AAA-AAB)
University of Warwick - L112 Industrial Economics (Offer AAA-AAB)
University of Manchester - LN13 Economics and Finance (Offer AAB-BBB)
University of Edinburgh - L100 Economics (Offer ABB-BBB)
University of Bristol - LN13 Economics and Finance (Offer AAA-AAB)
University of York - L112 Economics and Finance (Offer AAA-AAB)

I'm not going into Oxford/Cambridge/LSE mind you.. I'm not wasting my choices on places which I know I barely have a chance to enter.

Basically I think this is all that I can blog about this time.. Will update soon.

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