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Good Job, Pak Lah.

No salary revision for now.

Finally, something right has been done. Every single year, the budget covers plainly for civil servants. I don't know what CUEPACS is ranting about, but their basis of argument is plainly inaccurate.

An maxima increase of 40% for those in the support category (NST quotes hospital attendants, drivers, gardeners and clerical and administrative staff) .. ok let's see:

1.4 X 480 = rm 172 increase. If 200,000 people get rm172 increase, that's rm 34.4 million off the government coffers. Coupled with tax reliefs, car and house allowances, pensions, reduced income tax, no EPF, and they are still complaining?

Rules of basic survival :
If you can't survive, don't beg. It looks pathetic. Another clear example of what Malaysians have become, overly dependant on the government. All the while the budget has never or rarely benefited private sector workers.

The entire overview of this is that it is kind of bad. The income of the general public has never actually inflated by a big margin over the years while costs of living have gone up by at least 200%. It also dictates the problem of having a controlled economy. Some may argue that Malaysian economics are more relaxed and free than most socialist economies, but that still isn't really true. For example take the ceiling prices of controlled goods. Although from one side, it seems good that traders and middlemen don't raise prices beyond affordability, in another way it's bad. Basic macroeconomics, demand and supply. If the price is fixed at a certain level, supply will stay constant as well, as producers are reluctant to sell. Less supply + More demand = Price Inflation. As simple as that. Fiscal policies people!

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