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Well, this is in reply to Darren's post here.

It’s just wrong to say all this. Let’s see what our so called mega projects are doing now.

KLCC – Occupancy rate <50%

Cyberjaya – Failure, occupants consist of LKW students, Bangladeshi workers, and companies seeking the incentive of no taxation. Why set up shop there anyway? It’s not near any major transportation hub. KLIA? How expensive are aviation costs going to be? It’s definitely cheaper hiring logistics from Cyberjaya to Port Klang (a good 80-110km, non inclusive of traffic) and going by ship from there, although, piracy in the Straits of Malacca is rampant. That’s why Bayan Lepas is more preferred. It has an airport and a nearby port-of-call.

Putrajaya – High administration costs as well as transportation costs. Why locate to somewhere where no one knows? Trying to copy the Aussies? Well, at least Canberra is a city, and it’s more well known that Putrajaya (uhh where’s that). Rest assure that at least a majority of Australians know where Canberra is compared to KL-ians. Imagine Reuters or AP using Putrajaya instead of KL, note: they are still using Kuala Lumpur. “Putrajaya has said that no actions have been …etcetc..” the readers will be like .. uhh wtf is Putrajaya” instead of Canberra, which the entire world acknowledges that it is the administrative city of Australia. I remember Canada and US having the same system as well, but mind you, they are 1st world countries! Even UK doesn’t do this. Why relocate Downing Street to Birmingham or Manchester or worse still, Reading, Slough, Luton and the likes of these places? That’s right, you’re thinking.. uhh where the fu-k is Slough.

KLIA – Well maybe this was town planning at work but it doesn’t make sense, to relocate from Subang to some like Nilai/Sepang is just wrong. Cheap land? Of course, but best of all, is transportation. 45 mins driving through nothing and you’d already think, why is the airport so f—king far away? After all it’s 45mins worth of land that you’re driving through at 90-120km/h. Just think about it.

Bakun HEDP – Waste of money and clearest of all was cronyism along with Ting P3k Khiing. It’s just a cover for massive logging for $$. I mean 2400MW of power output is way more than how much Sabah and Sarawak require. Kalimantan has cheap wax therefore it doesn't need to buy power from Bakun. Proposals include an undersea cable to transfer unbought energy from Sarawak to Johor. I forgot how much it'll cost but trust me, it's not cheap. Read this link for more info: Why build a big aluminium smelter that’ll buy off 50% of Bakun’s power generation just to overproduce aluminium for Malaysia. What if prices collapse? What happens during oversupply?

Penang Bridge : Obviously TDM and SamiVeloo (I purposely spelt it wrong) were not thinking ahead. To build such a bridge with loans from Japan spelt trouble. Japan’s economy collapsed, soon after and we had to write off debts.

MAS is a private company with the government investment Khazanah having a good portion of share in it. The reason for that much money was due to it’s MSS (Mutual Separation Scheme). That includes payments. Mind you it’s less than RM 1 billion not 4.5 billion. Read Uncle Kit's blog for more info. Another thing I might add is to read the opposition's blog to get an insight of things on their side of the story. Jeff Ooi's is a good blog as well.

If you are complaining about taxation, then come live in the UK and you’ll feel the effects of direct and indirect taxation. VAT here is at a staggering 17.5%. That’s indirect taxation for you. Income tax is at 22% if you are earning £2091-£32400. 40% if you are over that amount. Think, £32,400 is not much when it comes to per year. It's only £2,700 per month. European countries basically have high tax rates.

If you do further research deeper, you’ll find out that our previous leader led us into a big government deficit. The current one basically just reduced it. Which is why the outcry from TDM, all this rantings don’t mean anything because you aren’t PM anymore. You have no power and no one is afraid of you anymore.

Let me remind you once again, we are a developing country. Want to compare to China? Look at its human rights record. Look at the central government banning or filtering sites. Want to compare Streamyx to Singtel? Singtel blocks P2P uploading while Streamyx (probably the worse company alive) doesn’t.

Just don’t keep on complaining. Don’t keep your expectations high, just because we think that we deserve much more. By human nature that’s true.

What TDM did in the past years were spoonfeeding us and keeping us dependant on the government. He succeeded in that, now people are complaining just because the petrol rised up. Have you seen the effect of petroleum in US? Be happy because we are still a net petroleum producer instead of an importer. Problem is that our fiscal policies are “slightly” screwed up. Inflation in market commodities and pricing while deflation in salary and income. But there will be a time when employers will feel the pinch and raise salaries.

Indonesia, now has way less issues with the Indonesian Chinese than before. It's growth rate per annum in percentage of GDP is chasing up to us (or overtaking I think).In fact the Chinese over there are prospering and are given more respect than before. However, I’m saying, just protect your interests and no one can harm you. For the past 20 years, under the leadership of you-know-who money has been drained from Chinese pockets and channelled to the pockets of the ultra-UNMO people. Not ordinary malays which is why I always insist on not generalising.

I feel the target of 2020 will be barely in reach when we are at that time. But, this time around, the prospects are brighter than before. That’s what I feel, that’s what most people who can read between the lines feel. People have been blinded before by the media, by words, by everything they see on one side of the story. Read the other side and judge for yourself who’s right.

Remind yourself of the Israelis and Palestinians who are fighting a war just for a simple reason. To find a place to call home. We people have one, and we are already complaining. So please be glad that you have a good home, although with an ineffective government, but peaceful and blessed with resources.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006 2:51:00 am

But you are taking different countries problem and comparing with ours!

Haha! Well it is just a mere topic to discuss! no need to bring such a big hush into it k!



Monday, September 25, 2006 10:39:00 am

Compare and contrast. Getting the point of view from Malaysia itself is narrow, very narrow.