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The Meaning of Spring

Well, technically, spring was here around late March. But until recently, cow breeding didn't really pop out.. I was on the bus to Shrewsbury today and I saw .. black and white spotted cows!

Yay, finally the boring fluffy o' sheep that goes meehhhhhh and looks (no, it stares actually) at you when you walk by as if you were something .. out of the ordinary. I remember back in February, when I had to walk 1 mile to my friends' house.. the sheep(s) was just staring at me! I ran in front, they stared, I stopped and squatted, and then stood up again, and they were still staring, so I shouted,

"Oi! What you looking at?!" "Want to fight is it?!"


Damn that was funny, now imagine seeing a guy having a conversation with sheeps.

"Mehhhhh" (Echoes in the foreground)



"You know what, I don't understand what you guys are talking, nice day isn't it?"


"So you like eating grass huh, nice huh?"


Hahaha, I remember there was once, my friend was walking on that same road, then suddenly he saw a herd of sheep right in the middle of the road..Hahahaha.. Imagine trying to get past those smelly sheep.

So back to the topic. Now it's cow-time! Mooooooo.. the cows are so much more interesting than the ones back there. Oops, those were bulls.. kerbau.. whatever I don't know how to translate that.

Though, some people may not like cows but .. having seeing the fluffy sheep that looks like a fluff machine for 4 months, I sure would like some change in scenery. Well, the season of spring also brings more bird shit. (Crude language pardon me) Funny though I don't know why birds rarely do their business during winter. Now that it's warmer, the roads seem to be littred with more bird droppings than ever. Windows have it, Roof tiles has it, pavements has it, Heck even cars have it.

Not only that, it's the season where flying bugs and worms come out from sleeping or what ever they do during the winter. I just don't understand, where do they hide for 4-6 months? They give me the creeps really, buzzing around a place although I don't think I see anything that interests them other than a wooden pole or leaves.

Besides that, I'd like to mention something pleasing at least. It's the season where most ladies shed their cool looking thick jackets/coats/sweaters/overcoats etc and bare some skin. ^^ No, I do not mean old ladies, and no that does not mean I look at young girls either. It's just my "observation" from the many months that I've been here. It's brightening really, having seeing so much beauty in the streets and outside the college. Oh no, better stop here.

Well, don't forget that the season of spring/summer for most college students is the season of exams and exams. I have 2 practical exams in 3 weeks time, AS Mathematics exam papers in 4 weeks time, and AS Chemistry and AS Physics papers in 5 weeks time, which we head on to a 1 week break and then internal school exams for a week before I head off back to KL on June 24.

Woooo, what a nice season..

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Saturday, April 29, 2006 9:46:00 am


good for you.. get to "kao lui"


Saturday, April 29, 2006 9:46:00 am

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Saturday, April 29, 2006 9:46:00 am

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