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Source : The Star Online

It's just frustrating, that all these cases have surfaced. Is this the new state of humanity that people are living in?

I've got a strong hunch that all these are all hired killers out to kill. Just got to be careful nowadays when talking to people. Who knows you might make an enemy who might just hate you enough to hire a killer to take you out.

Anyway, there's this interesting case that I feel that many people have already forgotten about.

Among the unsolved murders are that of:

  • Sabah assistant minister Datuk Norjan Khan Bahadar
  • Fishmonger Anthony Chong Kim Fook
  • IBM executive Patricia Wong Bao Bao
  • Boutique owner May Goh Lee Fang
  • Marketing executive Chee Gaik Yap
  • Guest relations officer Noritta Samsudin
  • 14-year-old Chinese national student Xu Jian Huang
  • Chinese national student Li Mingqian
  • Chemist Wong Soke Ching
  • Managing director Jackie Ooi Po Ing

  • As recalled, a chinese national student was found drowned with his hands and legs bound, in a swimming pool in the then (Datuk) Koh Kim Teck's residence. After much trials, Koh and his two bodyguards were acquitted of the murder charge because of unresolved and unanswered doubts.

    This has brought .. outrage amongst many Malaysians, me included and I feel that some dirty has been done and the killer has gotten away with murder.

    If there is anyone to blame, then it must be the police and the prosecution.

    As the judge noted, the prosecution hurt its own case by failing to call a certain Insp Moin.

    That was not all, Koh’s driver Mohd Razbean Md Tab, a key witness, has gone missing. That does not speak well of the police at all.

    Another key witness, Fang Sui Jing, said to be a girlfriend of Koh, has been deported to China and even the date of her deportation is unknown. The Chinese national, who was serving a 10-month sentence in Kajang prison for overstaying, was a key witness and yet no attempt was made to keep her until the case was over.

    Investigating officer Asst Supt Nor Omar Sapi admitted that he did not make any formal request to the Kajang prison for Fang to be handed over to the police.

    Malaysians are left grappling with questions like how a murdered boy could end up in the swimming pool of a heavily guarded bungalow with 23 injury marks.

    Can you believe it? Well, I don't. Because of all things to happen, this happened, witnesses going missing and stuff, it's clearly an act of suspiciousness.

    As quoted from the DAP(Democratic Action Party)'s homepage regarding this issue,
    What is unusual is the speed and efficiency of her deportation after her prison term was over as many such prisoners languish in immigration holding centres for at least 6 more months before being able to return home. Why can this key witness to a murder trial return home so quickly but not the hundreds of Chinese nationals detained in immigration depots?

    After all, the poor boy died in his house, and there was a picture of the boy in one of the accused's mobile phone and this clearly calls for Negligence Cause of Action.

    Let's all hope that more justice can be served and taxpayers' money can be well spent in the future.

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