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The Leonids

The Leonids are in fact debris left behind by the comet Tempel Tuttle/55P. This comet runs an elliptical orbit that returns to the inner solar system and releases material that forms into a new dust trail each in slightly different location than the previous dust trails. Leonids are an annual occurance that happens roughly around mid November every year. In November 2001 and 2002, the Earth passed very near the centre of the trail released at the 1866 return, while in November 2003, the Earth passed within a trail that was put down in 1533.

November 19th (yesterday) was the day the Leonids appeared in the skies. UT (GMT) 4.45am was the predicted time (+4 mins for UK).

The night before, after watching Borat in the afternoon, monopoly at night and a few DotA rounds late at night, I couldn't wake up at 4.30am after collapsing in my bed at 2-something AM. Actually I did, but I fell asleep sitting down on my bed, and woke up at 5am again and went to sleep, too tired to wake up for the 10am archery session on Sunday.

Damn, should have slept earlier.

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