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2 days, £70, and a pair of tired legs.

Starting money : £70.00
Day 1 – Dec 8th
Part 1
The night before : DotA. Well, Ray and his block called us (Wei Phin, Paul, me, Ting Yi and Jun) to Dota till 6 in the morning. Boy was it funny, after 3 incomplete games, and 2 losses, the time passed 4am and it was the last game. At this point everyone was like .. zzz.. anyway, if anyone wants the replay it's good, as far as i can remember.. and we won!!. Hahaha.. anyway, in the morning.. things happened like this.
-Rushed to pack my bag
-Got sent off
-Slept 2 hrs in bus
-Bus stopped, got a cuppa hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin
-Slept again
-Got out at Heathrow Intl.
-Made my way to my aunts house.
-Reached at 11.20 and rest 2 hrs.

Money remaining: £57.41

Part 2

I think.. I left Richmond at 1.50pm
~1.54pm, passed Kew Gardens
~1.59pm, passed Gunnersbury
~2.03pm, passed Turnham Green
~2.05pm, passed Stamford Brook
~2.10pm, passed Ravenscourt Park
~2.13pm, changed at Hammersmith
~2.21pm, took the Piccadilly Line Eastbound train
~2.23pm, passed Barons Court
~2.29pm, passed Earls Court
~2.36pm, passed Gloucester Road
~2.43pm, Knightsbridge
~2.46pm, Hyde Park Corner
~2.48pm, Green Park
~2.52pm, Piccadilly Circus
~2.58pm, Leicester Square
~3.00pm, Covent Garden
~3.03pm, Holborn
~3.07pm, Russell Square
~3.09pm, King's Cross St.Pancras
~3.14pm, Caledonian Road
~3.17pm, Holloway Road
~3.21pm, Arsenal
~3.23pm, Manor House
Well since Arsenal station was closed, I figured I'd hop off at the next station.. anyway, since I think some Liverpool fans or MU fans will kill me for saying too much, let's just leave it that I bought some merchandise etc etc.

Then it's the trip back south again.

~3.50pm, Covent Garden

Covent Garden was just fabulous.It's this big area designed to look like an Italian style piazza with this big marketplace in the middle. It's also the only place in London licensed to have street performers!! .. only thing was that I didn't get to see any. Aww..

One note: Covent Garden is the l33t place for shopping for upper-class goods. They have countless shoe shops selling from expensive branded shoes costing at least £8x to custom designer shoes worth £1xx. Wooooooo.. the temptation to spend!!

Also, designer clothes. Soooo many!! I love the Zara autumn jackets, but.. i know i'll be screwed if i spend £55 on a jacket.

If I was given the chance to go to London again, I'd definitely visit Covent Garden again. for sure.

~4.30pm. Leicester Square
Leicester Square is this place located in the middle of the four points of Trafalgar Square to the south, Piccadilly Circus to the west, Covent Garden to the east and Cambridge Circus to the north. It's a beautiful place I tell you. On that evening, there was this funfair right in the middle of the square, so the statue of William Shakespeare couldn't be seen.. but the funfair was fun.. in a way.

Anyway, went to meet up with Pak Seong, Jack, and Benson. I actually ended up in Leicester Square by accident, was walking from Covent Garden and all of the sudden, boom, got myself in Charing Cross Road.

I know this picture might not look very nice.. it's a 0.8Megapixel phone for heaven's sake. Anyway, we met up, went for a walk, bought some stuff in M&S, got some drinks at this hongkong restaurant, waited awhile, and then met up with JJ, Sue Anne, Ye Ring, and Gary for a dinner at.. um, i forgot the name.. some Chinese 酒楼. Our order was, if I remember correctly..:

Lemon Chicken
Spare Ribs in Plum Sauce
Kailan in Oyster Sauce
Half a Duck
Eight Treasures Steamed Tauhu
--i forgot--

+ lots of rice.

ahhhhh.. tasty. Although I must admit it was a pretty lousy lemon chicken and since when was plum sauce red?


Hanged around for awhile, met up with Aruna, SY and FoFo, then I had to split since it was around 8.55pm already. Later, got back in Richmond at around 9.40pm, then got my rest.

Money remaining: £13.79

Day 2
Got up around 11pm, watched some anime and manga, bathed, changed, ate supper lunch and then walked to Richmond station at around 1.25pm. Friggin delay happened at Acton Town where I had to wait for nearly half an hour. Adrian's already reached Heathrow and Lindsey's there halfway through.

shit i'm getting tired of typing already >.< here's what happens until flight.
-reached heathrow intl.
-checked in luggage (only 1 handluggage!!)
-met up with adrian and lindsey
-ate with Lindsey in TGI Fridays while Adrian found Lillian and her university mate.
-waited in the departure lounge and thought that we saw an Adlyss lookalike.
-got on board the plane!!

Cash left : £0.00
P.S : Lindsey is just so funny. Me and her we got the last row to ourselves. Row 63 yeah!! Although at first, anyone would be slightly turned off by the huge aircraft doors on each side. (yep who might know that the door will just fly open in midair and suck everyone out) I.. got to sit on the same seat that I sat in 6 months ago!! What a coincidence.

Seat 63G.

Woohoooooo... throughout the flight.. it was just enjoyable. Thanks Lindsey for the fun!!

P.P.S: Hmmph, you got 3 seats to sleep on, while i had pelvis pains after sleeping on 1.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006 1:25:00 pm

Liked your space very much...
I wonder myself how real it all is as well... *smiles*


Thursday, December 14, 2006 4:04:00 pm

Thanks a lot :)